August 6, 2009

KStew Cosmo Out-takes... seriously, she was 5th?!?!

How I heart you KStew - thanks TwiFans via Nejjie

- Lorabell


  1. oh wow! she is absolutely stunning <33
    Ashley has always been the most beautiful Twilight girl for me with no one not even close to her but damn KStew is just as beautiful <33 gorgeous.

  2. She has this little girl way about her. Very similar to Meg Ryan years ago.

    I love the sweater with the puffed sleeves.

  3. I agree Ashley is the most belle but Kristen does look pretty amazing here

  4. I think why she's so appealing to people is that she can seem/look innocent or badass

  5. =DD She looks like a Porcelain doll in the first one!!! She's gorgeous and so beautiful in both! Both i don't think that she's the 5th most beautiful woman in hollywood! =D Love twicrackaddict!


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