August 1, 2009

KStew Confirms NO Robsten! Isn't recycling meant to be a good thing?!

***UPDATE: Apparently, although PRONetworks may have reported this in good faith, Top of the Pops recycled the quote from a year ago... dang! Sorry everyone - please proceed in commenting your reasons for believing Robsten is or is not a reality ;)***
Kristen Stewart publicly confirms she has NOT left Michael Angarano for Rob Pattinson

That may be one of the most awkward headlines I've ever posted but, as someone who generally abhors gossip and does not confirm, deny, nor even discuss rumors, I am actually somewhat thrilled to pass on this "official" statement from Ms. Kristen Stewart.

The Twilight uberstar has FINALLY confirmed publicly (thank you Kristen!) what many of us in the industry have privately known for a long long time...she has NOT left longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano for her co-star Rob Pattinson.

Britain's Top of the Pops magazine asked Stewart if the rumors of her alleged romance with Pattinson were true. “No. Rob and I are good friends," she said. "We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. I’ve acquired a good buddy and that’s a big deal, but I haven’t left my boyfriend for Robert Pattinson!”

If I had a dollar for every time I've rolled my eyes at the suggestion that "Robsten" existed anywhere but in a parallel universe where Twilight fangirls determine the fate of mankind I could hire my own PR people to plant whatever stories will generate the most publicity. Not that Summit would ever do such a thing. Just sayin'...
First, I totally heart Oregano - the man, the herb and the other ;)

Second, I can not get my head around "Robsten" being a reality - I have far too big of a crush on both RPattz and KStew for my little heart to handle!

Thanks PRONetworks via Larry 411

- Lorabell

P.s. As a UK citizen I had no idea Top of the Pops magazine still actually existed! Just me?!


  1. This is from a quote that she said a year ago in an article- Top of the Pops recycled it and tried to act like Kristen had just said it.

  2. @Anon: Boo :( thanks for the heads up!

  3. Yeah... that's an old article, "recycled".

    Guys, please don't jump on my throat but I must say I'm a little bit of a Team Robsten. Okay, I'm all Team Robsten!

    We have seen how harshly fans react to any girl that comes near Rob (including co-stars such as Emilie de Ravin, Nikki Reed etc) who is not KStew. Can you imagine how difficult any relationship would be for Rob to have given that he can't even breathe without being mobbed by crazy fans and photographers?

    At least KStew would understand that a little better and it's also about positive energy: a huge group of people wishing them both the best.

    I know they make a lot of money in this industry but it must be somewhat of a lonely life. At least for Rob. :~

  4. I think you need to take this down immediately before you cause heart failure in any more of us Robsten shippers!! Yes, this OLD, recycled pieces of interviews pasted together to garner readers---not anything recent or trutful. Please take it down!!

  5. This is old recycled bits from other interviews. I remeber some of these quotes from last year. I can't beleive people publish this and expect us to believe it.

  6. Yeah...cause Oregano's such a catch. (rolls eyes)

  7. Yes, this is a quote from a LONG time ago. I actually heard the inverview on the radio when I was driving. I remember it distinctly. These magazines have no shame. They're doing this all the time now: recycling old material is if it were new, and even plageriazing, saying they interviewed people when they didn't. I'm not saying Robsten is true, but yeah, this article is bogus. Love your blog though, cuz you totally rock.

  8. Why in the hell do they recycle ancient quotes/interviews? Don't they realize that the people who actually read or care 'bout this sort of thing, would identify it as a recycled article and in some cases prolly site the original source?

  9. Summit's Marketing and Promotions team couldn't come up with a better marketing tool if they tried!

    I've said all along....the meer rumour of Rob and Kristen as an actual couple off-screen has drawn so much attention to the movies, the actors and Summit in general and it was all free!

    So, yeah....I can totally see some Summit exec saying, "Deny nothing, confirm nothing...just "go" with it!"

  10. I guess they think we all live in the past, because we re-read the books, re-watch the movie. So we would just love to hear year old news (NOT)!! I'm a fan of the books and the actors- but that is where it stops for me-- I could care less who they date or don't date!! Besides I have my sights set on Gerard Butler!!:))

  11. Here's a video of where a girl asks if everyone still single and then Rob and Kristen look at each other with googly eyes and nervously smile, Rob has to almost turn his back to the crowd and Kristen runs to Nikki and then runs back to stand next to Rob. Just a forewarning though, I'd recommend turning the volume down, the crowd gets pretty riled up and annoying.

  12. I don't believe the whole Robsten thing at all - I will only believe it if either a) Rob and/or Kristen seriously confirmed it. Themselves, not some gossip mag or someone twisting their words or reading too much into pictures or b) I saw pictures of them actually acting like a couple, like holding hands or kissing or something.

    I've seen people who want the whole Robsten thing to happen say that the reason there is no pictures or anything is because Kristen is really shy and a really private person... which is true, to an extent - but she had no problem with showing PDA with Michael.

    The rumours of them being an item have been going on since about the very start of 2008, when the first pictures and interviews for Twilight started being released and they weren't true then, so I doubt they're true now - Michael visited Kristen while they were filming New Moon, there was pictures of them kissing and being couple-like... so if the Robsten thing IS true, then it would have to be pretty recent, which is hard to believe considering they've been in different states, her working on The Runaways and him on [the movie I forgot the name of *facepalm*]

    I'll never understand how fans can be so set on two actors being together, or how they can say things like "they're perfect for each other" when really, none of us actually KNOW them - it's just like going up to two strangers on the street and saying they're perfect for each other, we don't know what they're actually like with each other and even if they were together, that doesn't--or shouldn't--affect the lives on the fans... if they're dating, then fair enough, good for them but if they're not, it's no big deal. I think a lot of people just want to believe the Edward/Bella romance has some reality to it.

    I feel really bad for Michael too, it would totally suck having to read all these rumours about your girlfriend with another guy - and not only that, but have fans routing for the rumours to be true, and have them say that someone else is perfect for his girlfriend. Michael is awesome, and him and Kristen make a cute couple (I mean look at that picture, s'really sweet), fans should just leave them be and stop thinking they know what--or who--is best for them.

    Sorry, I'm totally rambling. :P

  13. Well guys I have to admit that I am a Robsten fan. I will not bore you with my reasons.
    It was reported in a Vancouver newspaper (gossip? maybe?)that in April "Oregano" was there to visit KStew (they were photographed together) while she was working on New Moon, he took her away for a romantic weekend and proposed and she turned him down, he has not been seen at her side since then.

    But was seen a lot with her good friend Rob.

  14. Yeah, whatever the state of Robsten/Nonsten, Summit is definitely milking it. The 'rumors' about the Rob & Kristen have generated massive amounts of additional interest in the Twilight franchise and keeps that juggernaut rolling. Why would Summit mess with that? Just don't fall for it. Wonder if poor Michael fell for it.

  15. How do we know there was a 'proposal' from Michael? Where did the story come from??

  16. please take this story off,it is such a old interview,this crap is really getting old.

  17. Whatever the status on Robsten is anyone's guess. But Summit is lovin' all the flying rumours and To Twicat hit the nail on the head about Summit milking this for all it's worth, saying not to confirm or deny anything...inturn driving Robsten fans Ca-ray-zee! But ya know, they don't owe anyone an explanation either way, period.

  18. Sorry I brought it up but I wouldn't worry about the proposal fact or fiction it is so hard to tell these days. The story was carried by the Vancouver Sun, and a lot of the trashy tabloids so who knows, except we haven't seen photos of Michael and her together since then.
    Perhaps he is busy, again who knows and who cares only Robsten lovers.

  19. I'm Robsten Team!!! I always said they share a special chemistry...just look at them! They way she looks at him, they way she stand when he's near, the way he looks at her, the way they act when they're together...just look at the photos and you will see what I mean. When she's with her boyfriend (which I think is off the picture for a while) she's always plain and boring. I think they just don't care about what people think and they don't have any obligation to talk about their private life. We'll have to wait and see what happen. Maybe with Eclipse we'll see more of this chemistry and after that who knows! Maybe they can be together... Just look at Brangelina, the kids of Slumdog Millionaire and you'll see what I mean...Only time will tell but I keep thinking there is something!

  20. so I look at that video where Kristen runs when the girl asked her if they are single, and for the life of me it the question didn't sound at all like that, it was more like, are you christian or more liberal ? don't know can't hear a thing with the crazy screaming. Kristen is cute though she always leans on Rob, but I have my doubts they are a couple

  21. this things fucking me !!!!!!
    Because everyday I read another story about rob and kristen it is insane !!!!!!!!
    Okay i´m an robsten-fan too, but why they don´t say to us as fan !!! Yes we are in the reality together ??!!!!
    Some people say to me it is because summit entertaiment don´t allow them to say anything about they true relatinship !!!!! But in my opinion the media what ever fucking me with this story like : it is on robsten are in the real life in love !!! I will belief it when rob or kristen says yes it is true we are in love <3


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