August 23, 2009

KStew and Tay in Love Magazine

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September's issue features Taylor (looking fiiine) and Kristen (looking way younger to me than usual).

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- Lorabell


  1. Haha! One of the quotes was "This is like porno!"

  2. oh what a surprise, another Taylor advertisement...

    "it wasn't Pattinson who was the subject of the squels"???? ah hellooooo, has the author of the article even seen the Comic Con interviews???

  3. LOL, dream on! The more they keep Rob under wraps, the more we want him. Summit can put Taylor on all the mags they want, but the fans know who's the real star of the show. Maybe Breaking Dawn part2 can be a Jacob-only vehicle.

  4. But it's good that Rob is taking a breather from the mag covers. He's way overexposed and that's bad for him in the long run. This short 'absence' is good for him. And we know he'll be on the cover of Vanity Fair in Nov (or Oct??). Can't wait!

  5. That picture of Kstew is from an old photoshoot, I say two years old. She looks beautiful.

  6. The dark hair makes her look younger.


  7. why is Kristen sooo gorgeous. It's not fair. Seriously!

  8. is summit involve in this kind of promo to push taylor? if so, they really suck, big time. can't understand why some press have to make a diss towards rob pattinson just to heave praises to taylor. yeah, NM has a lot of jacob face in it but aren't they forgetting that the story revolves around the angst of pain and reunion of edward/bella so wth are they trying to do? just push rob aside and put taylor upfront all the time?? summit is really making a lot of ppl getting pissed with the way they're handling their NM promo.

    well ok, if that's how they want to do it w/ the twilight saga promo, then so be it BUT....

    they better clean up their erratic acts when it comes to promoting and marketing rob's REMEMBER ME coz this is the one film that a lot of rob's fans are excitedly waiting for.


  9. Yay!! i love getting news about Taylor!! He wasnt getting any attention at all in Twilight, and now it's finally time he is getting some recognition! Rob fans are just angry becasue Taylor is getting more press than Rob! Grow up, Jacob is a huge part of the series whether people like it or not. and the books are going to be portrayed as they were written. So get used to hearing about Taylor! i love him, he is so adorable, and it's totally unfair to judge him before everyone has even seen the film! That's very immature. Plus, taylor is so hot, buff, has an amazing smile with beautiful eyes.

  10. i get it why summit is not promoting Rob so much for new moon, they're probably prepping him for the remember me movie promo for the latter part of the year.

    unfortunately for many of the twilight fans, they have no choice but to suck it up for the Taylor-centric promo of nm. i have nothing against Taylor, i understand why he comes off like a puppet on a string. he almost got booted from the cast and he has to kiss some ass to get retained and its but natural for him to keep on doing the same thing for the promo stuff he's been doing that's been annoying a lot of people.

  11. This IS Jacob's movie/story.

    Edward is really peripheral (remember reading the book and every few chapters going, "WHEEERREEE'SS EEEDDWWAARRDDD!!!") This is about letting us get to know Jacob.

    Edward is actually in the movie more than the book in order to 'give the fans' what they want (or what Summit THINKS they want).

    I'm Team Edward and I (heart) Rob, but a part of me almost wishes (for the integrity of the story) that we'd get 'less' of Edward so we'd feel the truth of Bella's angst and misery. That's what the STORY is all about, and the movie is supposed to be about the story, right?

  12. JennJam
    'but a part of me almost wishes (for the integrity of the story) that we'd get 'less' of Edward so we'd feel the truth of Bella's angst and misery.

    What is this blasphemy you speak of??? Hahah jk jk! LOL!

    I agree that NM is Jacob's story, where we get to know Mr. Black. I like Jacob in the books as I like Taylor. I think he's a cutie and am excited to see him and Kristen's dynamic. But in regards to this article, its falsity at its best when they said Rob was 'old news?!' Pahhhh Ha Ha Ha, yeah right!


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