August 15, 2009

Cast Dinner at Miku Sushi Friday Night: Kristen rocks Rob's look

Lol, seriously, KStew's just doing it on purpose now! *hearts*

Anyone else crushing on Riley?

Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Ashley, Kellan, Nikki, Bryce, Xavier and Elizabeth were spotted getting some snicky-snacky-sushi in the Couve yesterday.

Kristen was hiding her mullet hair under a beanie - that girl's got some cojones ;)

More pics at Just Jared and Thinking of Rob

- Lorabell


  1. cojones.. Hahaha I love when Kristen said that in a enterview! lol


  2. Yeah, being a Spanish teacher just REALLY cracked me up! And then Taylor's face! Priceless...

    How much you wanna' bet that that is ROB's beanie?
    Is she sending us a passive/agressive message?
    Methinks she is... lol...

  3. hahaha I <3 Kristen....even more after reading the EW article..just came today! I love what she said about being hard it is for her to just summerize 3 mo of her life in 5 minutes...and how she is working on it. Ughhh i just really love our Twi Cast..they are awesome haha.

  4. It's 90 degrees in Vancouver...and they're wearing wool hats....

    Anyhoo...I wonder what they're going to do with Kristen's hair? Extentions? A wig??

  5. I heard extensions.

  6. Btw, Jackson was at the cast eats gathering. I Felt Hope blog has pics of him. And one of K and Ashley hugging.

  7. People who are together usually start dressing like each other. Just saying...

  8. Lorabell, I'm kinda crushing on Riley right now. He looks a lot better to me out & about than he did in the first set of publicity pics I saw of him.

  9. Hmm, is the beanie a sign of Pattinson-by-osmosis? Nikki was into the beanie when they were filming New Moon ..

  10. Before Robert Pattinson, the beanie did not exist. People walked around with cold heads. He came along, and anyone else seen wearing one is instantly copping his look, because no one else is allowed to wear similar clothing items. He is that majestic.

  11. @ Anon 3:38 I spit out my drink laughing! So funny! Seriously you couldn't find beanies anywhere, Grandma's had to sew them. HA HA!

  12. I think she looks like an idiot- Why doesn't she put on a fur coat while she's at it. I like her to keep her own style- that what I like about her and each of the cast members have their own identity.

  13. We've been wearing "beanies" in Canada for decades.

    Only, we call them "touques" and we only wear them between November and March.....

  14. TOUQUES. My husband used that word (he's canadian) and I was like....wha???? We live in the U.S. now, and he doesn't say that much anymore. :-)

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