August 11, 2009

Kristen Ran & Ran & Ran: Ashley Talks Italy Set Energy

Ashley shared the following with MTV about her experience in Montepulciano:
"We were in Italy for those four or five days, and it was nutty," Greene remembered of the shoot, which director Chris Weitz has said had a Twilighter in virtually every spot that wasn't on camera, watching them film. "The amount of people that were in this tiny little town, it took 45 minutes to go, like, 5 feet."

The scene, which features a black-clad Bella running through a procession of red-robed people to stop Edward from stepping into the sunlight, effectively uses slow-motion and music to build drama for a pivotal moment in the epic saga. And much like the fans, Greene said she couldn't believe how beautifully the sequence came together.

"Javier and Chris are just amazing, amazing men. Javier [Aguirresarobe] is the [director of photography], and Chris is the director," she explained. "And the whole movie is going to be gorgeous.

"But it was a great experience, amazing energy," she remembered of the shoot, as well as the multiple takes it took to pull it off. "And Kristen that day — the poor girl just ran and ran and ran and ran."
Read it all at MTV.


  1. she's so sweet,i love her.<3

  2. She really is good at interviews for Twilight being her 1st role in films. She is so humble and sweet.


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