August 27, 2009

KOL not on NM soundtrack

Caleb is sooo on my "to do" list - boy is schmexy!

In case you missed it (like me) Billboard reports that the Kings of Leon will not be on the New Moon soundtrack as Chris Weitz (and the rest of us) had hoped:

Kings of Leon are pondering the release of another single for "Only By Night" -- Followill is thumping for "Notion" -- but will not, as rumored, be contributing anything to the soundtrack for "New Moon," the second film in the "Twilight" series.

...*sigh* "Closer" was such the perfect New Moon choon :( oh well, there's always Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

Thanks Twilight Examiner

- Lorabell *fingers crossed*

P.s. If you haven't read LettersToTwilight's post on that Kings of Leon show then follow the link and enjoy :)


  1. I love KoL..they're one of my favorite bands...but I think that they really could provide the saga with a better song than Closer (even though it seems perfect. And they're careers in the states are just taking off so they probably want to get a good footing on that first before jumping into the madness that is twilight.

  2. I love KOL but don't think Twilight is there scene.
    NE way I've had thing for Caleb ever since 'Youth and Young Manhood' way back when he had longer locks, and I don't even like long hair, lol!

  3. I agree THparkle... As much as i love that KOL is finally getting noticed in the states..cuz they really deserve it considering they've been making good ass music for so long, butI dont think they should be on the soundtrack. And CALEB! Agh..I love that man like a fat kid loves cake. He is sooooo gorgeous with the long hair and stache and without the long hair. Lily is a lucky girl. Cant wait to hear new stuff from them... hopefully a different sound than only by the night

  4. Anon:
    HAha LOL! --- 'CALEB! Agh..I love that man like a fat kid loves cake.' Luv it!

    Yeah although I do luv 'Only by the Night,' their older stuff is just as amazing if not more so. It boggles my mind why they're JUST getting recognition in the states. I saw them live this past March and they sound just as good live as they do on CD.

    But yeah Jared not too bad on the eyes either.

  5. I just listened to Closer for the first time... wow it was like it was made just for NM. Its too bad they wont be using it.


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