August 17, 2009

Kelly Clarkson wants Edward Cullen

This is looking a little "Pattinson Pants Lady" to me!

According to What The Forks? Kelly was singing "I want you" to FSE on stage at her concert last night.

We all do, Kelly *sigh* ... we all do!

- Lorabell


  1. Well.....good way to get some publicity : ) Lol. Wonder if they'll have a Jacob carboard cut out once New Moon is out? That way everyones Edward cut out can have a friend or maybe a sparring partner? Soooo need to see that on youtube. haha

  2. Hee Hee!! YOU WANT ME? Made me think of the old army advertisements WE WANT YOU? KC should of had a shirt on with that saying:))

  3. she was in the middle of singing her song "I want you" when they gave her the cutout. She finished the song singing to him. I think she may have planted a kiss on him too, but, it's hard to see at this angle:

  4. Except me. I'd like to sing that to Taycob.

  5. she can have him 4 now but i will have him someday *sigh* ;D


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