August 25, 2009

Justin Chon Reveals: Humans May Venture Outside of Forks High Cafeteria in Eclipse

In an interview with RadarOnline, Justin Chon reveals that the humans will head to VanCity on Tuesday, and will also have scenes outside of Forks High's cafeteria in Eclipse. :-)

Watch it here.

Thanks, AshleyTWA!


  1. OMG Hasn't your mother ever told you never to talk with your mouth full? ---- He kept on shoveling that spaghetti down his throat, lol!
    Hmmm wondering what the humans will be doing out of school?

  2. LMFAO Thparkle. Was thinking the same thing! He must'v been famished

  3. Probably the whole Angela scene after Bella ran away with Jacob.

  4. I have to listen to my Eclipse audio book again. Not much I can think that would drag the humans outside of the school.

    1. Angelas house were Bella finally realizes, "Hey Edwards jealous." DUH!
    2.The Cullens graduation party.

    I think thats it.


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