August 3, 2009

Just b/c it Cracks Me Up: Pocket Edward Visits Times Square, etc.

K. Dawn & her friend Shelby visited NYC recently. No RPattz sightings, but look who they spotted in Times Square!

Reminds of photos of stolen lawn gnomes in exotic locales. Only, this time it's Plastic Edward!

Thanks for sharing, K. Dawn!

Also, there was some trouble brewing between Cardboard Edward and a gang of Mini-Edward's & Pocket Bella. See what went down at TwiTarded.


  1. lol awesome!! My PE doesn't have cool sun glasses like those!!

  2. LOL! He looks very plastic-ly and pale than in real life LOL! =]

  3. That second pic is hilarious!! I love the PE with his arms up!

  4. God I so want to go travelling and send home Postcards of Pocket Ed!

  5. I think we need to create a line of Pocket/Mini/Plastic Edward post cards! I know I'd buy 'em!

    Thanks for the shout-out - we had a lil' too much fun with "the Edwards" yesterday - lol!

    : )

  6. if u have a facebook click on this!!
    for a chance 2 win tickets 2 the new moon premiere!!!

  7. I have a Mini-Edward as well.

    One of my friends likened him to the Travelocity Travelling Gnome as well but instead of hotels and cities, this one goes to bars....I've taken him to GNOs but the funny thing is, every time he's out with us, my bar tab goes up!!


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