August 13, 2009

Juicy, Juicy Silliness: Jennie Garth Gossips Didn't Actually Gossip About RPattz's Love Life

Aww! What a cute family.

According to the oh-so-reliable gossip rag NY Daily News, Jennie Garth was dishing on RPattz's love life:
The “90210” star confirmed to us that Robert Pattinson is officially dating one of his co-stars. “I can’t say [if it’s Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed], because that would be breaking my promise to [husband Peter Facinelli], but he is dating one of them!” Garth said at TJ Maxx’s Save the Children event in NYC. Facinelli plays Pattinson’s dad in the “Twilight” movies.
Inneresting. Very inneresting...

Thanks, Laura!

P.s. If it'd get Nikki away from Paris, I'm down ;) - Lorabell

UPDATE: Radaronline got the real scoop, and it turns out here is what Jennie Garth actually said:

So what did the 90210 star actually say? Here is her real quote!

"I can't say," she answered laughing. "That will be breaking my promise to my husband. But I do know."


  1. Haha uh oh....I have a feeling they twisted her words....I hope she wouldnt do that ....someone is getting in trouble haha

  2. I seriously doubt (a) SHE (b) said that.

    If anyone would have said something like that, it doesn't seem like she'd be the one slated to begin the Robsten'outing,' and knowing her closeness to the cast (through Peter's involvement and them being friends with her now, too), I don't think she'd say that.

    But you never know, maybe they DID choose her to begin the 'truth comes out campaign.'

    I'm still on the fence about whether Robsten exists, but it wouldn't surprise me. Either way, I just hope they're each content with their lives in the midst of all the craziness that has been thrust upon them.

    And incidentally, doesn't the Fach home look like it could belong to Carlisle Cullen himself? I dunno, something about all that crisp white and what he's wearing for part of NM - - goes together.

    I love this photo of them and the kids. They seem like a strong couple who truly love each other and I love that. PFach rocks - - (heart) him big time! :)

  3. i mean...really?

  4. Niki Reed is ok as Rosalie, but just so generic in real life. I have a hard time believing Rob Pattison would be drawn to someone so "vanilla"!!!

  5. umm what if it goes badly derr..hopefully it doesnt ruin their chemistry on screen during the last film(if there is one)that would really s*ck.

  6. Ooo dirt!
    I love good clean dirt.
    I love this picture!

  7. i love sourceable, clean dirt too. :-)


  9. It's probably Christian! She's GORGEOUS! Not as lovely and stunning as Ashley but Christian is a very close second!

  10. THINK about it? How cool would that be that Rob and Christian would be able to keep a hot romance under the radar like Ashley and Chase?!

  11. hahahaha Lorabell i'm with ya when it comes down to Nikki lmfao

  12. but nikki is dating paris latsis....??therefore rob+kristen!!

  13. aww i thinkkkk its the one that plays jessica myself :D
    lmao orr billy burke that would mix things up lmao
    she probs didnt even say it an if she did i doubt it was serious.....i thinkk?!

  14. PFach put on Twitter that its rubbish neways:-

    Complete media fabrication. I read the transcript of what my wife actually said, which was, "My husband talks to me about Twilight stuff, but I promised him I wouldn't talk about it." Somehow that got turned into this. @sorichii So hey is it true your wife said this??

    Its unbelievable how the media can just write whatever they want to sell papers.

  15. OMG how freakin' adorable is that picture?!


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