August 9, 2009

Jodelle is Team Edward

A newborn can hardly side with the werewolves!

"Team Edward," she told us. "I just really can't figure out why I like Edward more, I don't know. It just seems natural. You know, everyone likes Edward better!" And is she ready to work with Rob Pattinson? "Yes, I can't wait!"

Read the full interview on working with Kristen in "The Messengers", auditioning for Eclipse and her Twitter following at Radar Online

Also check out Jodelle's interview with the Vancouver Sun:

"I hadn't heard much about Twilight when it first came out... I'm home-schooled so sometimes I don't hear about things like that," she said. "But my friends were all freaking out about Twilight"

- Lorabell

P.s. Twilight trivia: she's actually from the Couve - who knew?!


  1. shes gorgeous!

  2. who is she going to be??? i missed it!

  3. @ Jillian C
    Don't know for sure, but she'll most likely be Bree.

  4. I think she's very beautiful, looking forward to see her portraying Bree :-) Hopefully they can manage a wig for the short haircut, it would be such a shame cutting that gorgous hair!

  5. aww shes so pretty (:
    team edward all the way ;)


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