August 25, 2009

Joan Jett Talks About KStew's Runaways Prep

Billboard has an interview with Joan Jett, who talks about the Runaways and KStew's performance:
"Kristen was so into it, into the whole vibe of doing this," Jett reports. "I think she felt a weight and a responsibility to interpret it correctly. She was really serious about it and was watching me and asking me all sorts of question, from speech aspects to watching my body language, watching where I stood, watching my guitar playing. She really worked hard to get it right."
Read the article at Billboard.

Thanks, Allison (a.k.a. Undercover TCA)


  1. Yay!........ I'd be willing to bet Kstew's gonna blow us all away with her performance as JJ and even earn the respect of some of her toughest critics. She looks like her, similar bas @ass 'tude, and sounds like she really got inside JJ's head. I'm almost as excited for this as I am NM. Considering I'm a crazy Twi maniac just itchin' for my chance to see NM, that says a lot! :D

  2. I didn't care for K-stew at first but I'm really gaining a respect for her. No crotch shots, no heavy partying, no traipsing around town in her brand new mercedes with piles of shopping bags from stores on Robertson. Just a low key gal.

  3. Love Joan Jett and KStew, and I cant wait to see Kristen in this movie!

  4. I think she will do a good job or did a good job! She really is quite talented as an actress and musician. The more I see from her perfomances, I really think she has an amazing career with an open road with unlimited possibilities ahead of her!!


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