August 18, 2009

Jasper & Maria Filming Desert Dream Sequence? Eclipse Deets & Wig-fittings

Lainey Gossip serves up cool details about activities on the Eclipse set yesterday:
Kristen Stewart was spotted yesterday at the salon. They were testing out new wigs and hair options. Am told that are looking into the possibility of not weaving it so that she can just rip that sh-t off at the end of the day and be done, although it probably takes forever and a lot more effort. They’re still figuring it out. And there’s still time.

Shooting began yesterday on Eclipse – am told exclusively that they filmed scenes involving “Jasper & Maria” in a dessert dream sequence that takes place in Texas from way back in the old days, like the 1800s. Jackson’s been training on horseback and so far they say he’s looking pretty comfortable.
Lainey also has pics of guess who? Nikki & Elizabeth shopping.

Thanks, Coral!


  1. A 'dessert dream sequence?' So, what, will Jasper and Maria be throwing handfuls of Cool Whip at each other? Flinging spoons of chocolate pudding in each other's faces??

    I just *knew* David Slade was gonna ruin 'Eclipse.' ;)~

    (Oh, Lainey. You were too busy being narky on your site . . see, you needed to keep that extra 's' to be your normal SNARKY self.)

  2. can't wait to see all the Jaspers past scenes. sounds good so far.

  3. i think she looks stunning in these photos, very natural.

  4. Nice catch JennJam!

    I kinda like the image of Jasper and Cool Whip.

  5. Hee hee JennJam!! They probably meant the other kind of desert:) it is when Jasper tell Bella his story of how he became a vamp(wasn't he a soldier on horseback or something)
    Anywho @ juju I like your image "dream sequence" better!LOL
    On KS hair- they'll figure it out. and if she got extensions they're probably worried Rob may accidentally pull them out off the set-if you know what I mean-:))

  6. Wow this cast is truly helping out the Couve economy - every other day they are shopping.

    What I would do to be them for a couple of days?

  7. I think we may have found where they shot yesterday not sure if its ok to link it here if not you can remove it


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