August 28, 2009

Jasper & Alice TwiCrack: More Pics from the Set of Eclipse has pics of RobWard AND Ashley & Jackson on the set of Eclipse.

Thanks, Juhi!


  1. yaay ash and jackson<33 my faves.<3

  2. Jackson looks so cute. I love his smile.

  3. YAY Ashley & Jackson finally !
    don't like Alice's new hair, a bit too short! and what's up with her clothes in New Moon: too big, not Alicelike at all...hope it'll be better in the movie!

  4. Did ashley cut her hair shorter? Or is it the wig??
    Either way, I love it! :)
    We still have 10 months until the movie comes out.. :(

  5. Ashley is getting fat.

  6. what the hell??!! ashley is getting fat... i can not believe you just said that :O

    and what's with the dog?? i'm pretty sure thats not marlow!


  7. Hey Anon:
    Why don't you post a pic of yourself and we can all critique you!

    Ashley is not fat, what is wrong with you?

  8. The dog isn't Marlow =[ Maybe it's David Slade's dog 'cuz in a interview she said that Marlow will be around her and with Slade's dog.

    And Anonymous:Getting fat?HA!

    Does anyone else besides me think her eyes or golden?

  9. Beautiful smile on Jackson! Ashley's pixie hair is cute- and she is NOT FAT!! Please ppl or anony- I'm glad to see her with a plate of food eating. There are too many actors with eating disorders- she is a healthy,beautiful person!

  10. I think Ashley is absolutely gorgeous, and I agree...there are far too many actresses out there who are pin thin. Why can't girls have a healthy looking role model? Ashley is not getting all!

    EEEEEEEeeeekkkk! I'm super stoked for New Moon and Eclipse. ahh.


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