August 27, 2009

Jane Promo Pic!

Trailer Park shares what it deems a Summit released promo pic of Jane!
Full Name: Jane
Status: Vampire
Group: Volturi Coven
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Transformation: Unknown but at a young age
Special Abilities: Ability to inflict debilitating pain with her thoughts

“This may hurt just a little.”

Jane is a high ranking member of the Volturi Guard. The Volturi were waiting to change her and her brother Alec until she was older, but humans—believing her and her brother to be witches—tried to burn them at the stake, which forced Aro to act while the twins were little more than children. Jane’s experience with the pain of burning alive shaped her into a potent weapon – she developed the ability to inflict immense pain on others with only a look.
Thanks, RobSten4eva!

There is also some general Volturi detail:
1) The Volturi include: Aro, Caius, and Marcus as the leaders, and then Jane, Alec, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, and several other unnamed members of the guard.
2) The Volturi are similar to a ruling body, and protect the secret of vampires by wiping out any “problems” as vampire law defines.
3) The Volturi live in an ancient Tuscan city called “Volterra”.
4) Aro and Jane’s powers do not work on Bella.

Director Chris Weitz on the Volturi --
"No matter how strange one of the characters is in a work of fantasy, I think you have to approach them as people and then so you start to think, 'They've been around for 2,000 years. How would they interact with one another?' The conclusion was that after 2,000 years you'd probably be more than mildly insane. No matter how cultured or gracious you appear on the surface. And I think that's what Michael Sheen managed to portray as Aro, the head of the Volturi -- on the surface he's terribly gracious, warm, a wonderful host and at the same time he's lethal and frightening. It's also what Dakota Fanning conveys as Jane. She's innocent looking in appearance but she's absolutely deadly. The first thing I wanted to do was put them in a setting that wasn't Dracula's castle. There have been so many vampire movies and werewolf movies and horror movies where everything has been dark and dreary. Instead, their headquarters is surprisingly light and crisp. And the characters that they play have a kind of a tactile reality to them in spite of how bizarre their situation is really. The whole point is not to leave Forks, Washington where everything has really been quite realistic and then suddenly go to a location that completely throws you out of the movie. And the set although it's huge and grand and magnificent actually feels like a real place."


  1. she looks scary !!! great picture can't wait for new moon =]

  2. Still disappointed that Jane looks more like Dakota Fanning versus Jane as described by Stephenie Meyer - having short brown blunt cut hair that is at least chin length.

  3. P.S.

    I like Chris' whole approach and vision to not make the Volturi setting look like another scene outa Dracula's castle. I think the fact that it'll be 'light and crisp' will be all the more off putting and deceptive just like the Volturi.

    Like it... Like-it-a-lot :)

  4. She does look scary and great.....however I have to agree she does look like Dakota Fanning still. One of the things I think that helps with them casting mostly no names, is that we really can imagine them as these people - they aren't bringing a past with them. Does that make sense? I was actually disappointed when they casted her, and didn't continue along that vein. I'm hopeful though that she will win me over.

  5. She looks scary! haha Dakota is a great actress who knows how to take her character seriously! I keep saying Chris did an amazing job with this movie! I hope he's the one who directs Breaking Dawn!

  6. Wow she looks creepy! and I think she is a great Jane.

  7. Kinda have to agree, I am bummed she doesnt mirror the book, she will be great no doubt. But I really pictured her different. On screen always looks better....

  8. Wow she looks amazing, true not like the book but I think once we see these scenes acted out it will be brilliant im sure. Im excited...but why all this twicrack today...we still have over two im all excited and new moon doesnt come out for a lonnng time haha

  9. of course she looks like dakota fanning....she IS dakota You're supposed to be able to imagine shes not. I think they all look wicked creepy. I cant wait!!

  10. I agree about the hair as well. It should have been closer to the book's description. But I really like this look! I wish they'd released a pic of her smiling her wicked smile.
    Oh and where did they get this information about the background of the volturi? Did Stephenie release that?

  11. I was wondering the same thing about Jane's background info. That's new to me!


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