August 4, 2009

Jacob Rescues Bella - Calendar Close-Up

For those of us who don't have access to the calendar yet :(- Jacob, is it getting hawt in here?!
- Oh no, Bella that's just my nekkid-wolfy-buffness saving you from drowning and shiz - no biggy ;)

Via Kristen Stewart Fan!

- Lorabell


  1. ARFFFFFFFFFFFFF ................LOVE IT

  2. That lucky, lucky girl... :(

  3. Wish that was me!
    Last night i had a dream about him.It was werid.He was my bf and i was laying on shirt-less , smexy abbs.Is that crazy?

  4. Wow renesmee, u had the same dream as i did, lol! Ok i just have one word to discribe this picture- Hawt. I Love U to death Taylor

  5. @ Lorabell
    'Oh no, Bella that's just my nekkid-wolfy-buffness'
    You're too funny! LOL

  6. * whistle!* god he is super good looking and I love this shot! its the only real new one from the calendar

    still upset they havent officially released any Volturi pictures yet...

  7. How can he be THAT built and technically be a kid? Enquirer top story (not): "Summit Entertainment injects wolf hormones into TL"

    wv: micant - Micant look at Taylor that way.

  8. it kinda looks like her lips are sorta blue/purple. they did a good job :)

  9. Everytime I try to walk away the "crack" sucks me back in. I mean can I resist that?! It's friggin' impossible for me. It makes no sense for him to be so hot.

  10. MMMMM, me like...this is top of the line TwiCrack making me high on the good stuff :)

  11. *swoon*
    *reminding my self to breath*
    Love it love it love it
    My good God could he be any more beautiful?
    This must be when he saves her from drowning.
    Oh goodness I wish November would hurry up!

  12. Aye Carumba!!! It certainly *did* get hot in here all of a sudden!!!

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