August 12, 2009

Jack Hutson cast as Rosalie's fiance

Royce King II - ta da! THR reports:
Jack Huston has fanged his way on to Summit Entertainment's threequel "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

The actor joins Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Bryce Dallas Howard in the third installment of the vampire series derived from Stephenie Meyer's novels. Huston will play Royce King II, a human that lived during the Great Depression.
Hollywood Reporter via Lion and Lamb Love

- Lorabell

p.s. I cannot *wait* to see Rosalie in her wedding dress, ripping Royce another a-hole. - TCA

Rosalie Wedding Dress Rampage [Source]

P.p.s. Check out the Twilight Examiner's article on Jack - that gal doesn't waste any time ;)- Lorabell


  1. does the list of hot guys in twilight EVER stop growing?!

    he suits the role well ;)

  2. He's cute. Very young Johnny Depp.

  3. This is interesting casting, David Slade used Danny Huston in the other Vamp movie he did 30 Days of Nights. Interesting !!??!! Jack has a great look and a fresh face, glad to see casting is taking some changes.

  4. Blah! Rosalie's too pretty for him.
    Blah! I repeat.

  5. @Twilightislife-LOL!

    Keep up the good work Summit , bring more smexy guys in the saga , me likey them , and ALOT!

    I think he's perfectly fine , the role will fit him.

  6. i didn't expect him...but i'm sure make up and clothes will be ok. i'm liking how david slade is casting. i'm just hoping he'll do good. i have a feeling its gonna be a dark looking film. you know like 30 days of night and that sour girl video.

    it will be interesting to see his side of it.

  7. I don't think he's all that attractive. But he looks mean so he'll be okay.

  8. I think he could fit the role nicely. It's good hearing, they'll include Rosalie's story in the film:-)

  9. He's very sexy!! he would have made a great vamp!

  10. But isn't Royce supposed to be like this blonde adonis-type guy??

    "He had lighter hair than I did and pale blue eyes."

    Eclipse - page 157

  11. has anyone heard who is going to play "Seth Clearwater" yet?


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