August 28, 2009

Is this Sams house?

Thanks to Robsten4Ever for sending in this pic from Bella's Diary - apparently this house was see being used during New Moon filming and now "the truck" has been spotted there again!

Technically it may also be Angela's house... but I'm getting more of a "Sam" vibe... what do you think?

- Lorabell


  1. im thiking its too run down to be angelas house :) you're right... much more of a sam vibe ;)

  2. Im soooooooooo feeling the Sam vibe...Like no joke, this is EXACTLY how i pictured it... kinda freaking me out actually. Lol. But same thing happened with Jacobs was perfect.

  3. Hmmm...?*thoughtful* I think it's Angela's house , because in 'Eclispe' or 'New Moon' Angela asks Bella help with her grad invitaions for her family and friends.But maybe I could be wrong and that house could be Sam's will have to wait for news or 'til 'Eclispe'

  4. That is not the same truck they used in New Moon. It's a different colour and style. I'm not convinced this is for Eclipse, perhaps another movie.

  5. I envision Angela and the rest living in whatever the 'burbs in Forks look like - lol! This definitely strikes me as more of an "on the res" house...

  6. Yeah...Angela are suburbanites. If it is from "Eclipse" then it would most likely be Sam and Emily's.


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