August 28, 2009

I knew it! Rob nabbed Marcus' shirt for TCAs

Catherine Hardwicke was at the New Jersey Twilight Convention today and she shared some fun facts about Rob...

- At teen choice Rob told Catherine that he borrowed Marcus fosters shirt that marcus wore the night before b/c rob had no clean clothes

What, that shirt? Yes - and I know because I saw Marcus in that shirt:

That's me blocked out on the left ;)

Other deets Catherine shared:

- Rob recorded let me sign while watching the cut of the scene and pegged the song to what he was seeing on screen emotionally (<-- LOVE that!)

- At Robs audition he still had Dali hair, a stained tee shirt and wasn't toned. Studio said are you sure you can make this guy look good

- Rob originally saw that fans hated him as a casting choice and Catherine told him hang in there and trust me and said stay offline. Rob said my mother sent it to me. Catherine said stop opening emails from your mother

- She had Rob put extensions in his hair and he hated them.

- Says she would have filmed some dream sequnces if there had been money.

Thanks ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. Does the shirt force the wearer make a certain type of face?

  2. So from that you learn that Rob has an email address and doesn't have many clean clothes . Lol

  3. He will always have those who R with him/haters.....we all do. I'm just glad he didn't let things get to him :)

  4. He. didn't. have. clean. clothes.

    haha! for some reason, that just kills me - and makes me crush on him all the more. i'm sure that he has an army of people who would be more than willing to dress him (and that jacket didn't come from nowhere) and any hotel has laundering services but he's still bumming a (sorta) clean shirt from a friend - too funny! and too cute. i remember hanging with hottie guy friends when i was that age and once watched one of them run his deodorant stick over his jeans so he could "get one more night out of them" - i guess i'd rather RPatts be like that than turn into some uber-styled ken-doll. Yay Robward!

    : )


  6. thanks Catherine Hrdwicke for supporting Robert and make him the guy that now he is, sorry, bad english,oh, and I love this site :D

  7. LOL!! We've all been there! Just makes ya luv him even more, cuz he is so down to earth!!

  8. Am I the ONLY one who thinks it looks a lot better on Marcus? :) And damn it smelled good!


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