August 20, 2009

Hey New Yorkers! Twilight Under the Stars in Central Park NYC Friday, August 21

Twi-stuff always seems to be happening on the West Coast, but there's good news for those of you in the New York area (like me). Twilight is playing for free in Central Park, NYC this coming Friday! Get more event details at Central Park Conservancy.
Central Park has the “cool factor” and so do the stars of the 7th Annual Central Park Film Festival, sponsored by Bloomberg. All screenings are FREE and start at 8:00 pm. Gates open at 6:00 pm. To find Rumsey Playfield, enter the Park at Fifth Avenue and 69th Street. Rain or shine.
Thanks, TJ!


  1. Thats too funny one of the parks where I am is doing it too.

  2. aww man i am so effing jealous :'(

  3. Ooo I have a high def projector. Thinks make me want to have a New Moon viewing party on a huge screen in my back yard under the stars.

  4. ditto twilightislife, ditto :(

  5. WTF?!??! That is all I have to say about that *grump*
    - Lorabell

  6. @Juju, that's awesome!

    Ohhh, maaaannnnn!!!
    I was gonna go to NYC for the weekend of August 21-23, too!
    (But I just changed it to August 28-30!!!!!!!)

    We were gonna see a play on Saturday which would've left Friday night open and can you THINK of a cooler place to see Twilight than in Central Park?? I don't know if I can unless 'in a lush field in Ireland' counts. (Hey, we're fantasizing here, right? haa!)

    I will "settle" for seeing 'Twilight under the stars' on October 9 in one of my local parks (here in Virginia).
    It's no 'Central Park,' but I'm still looking forward to it.
    AND, I'm bringing bug spray in case any mosquitoes linger in October. I love irony, but not enough to suffer blood-sucking bug bites while watching a vampire movie.)

  7. haha yeah we only want one type of blood sucking creature to be hanging around ;) x

  8. Where in VA are they showing Twilight?

  9. Great! I was planning to go to this but now everybody and their mothers will go. sigh!

  10. SIGH!!!

    I have a blog and have known about this event for WEEKS but I kept quiet cause I just DREAD to have to go where all twihard crazy fans go. I figured that if this info didn't leak to twiblogs that MAYBE my friends and I wouldn't have to deal with the crazyness this Twilight phenomenon has breeded. Now, thanks to this and God knows how many other twiblogs have posted (or re-posted) this information, I can only hope there will be no screams at all every time "Edward" comes into view. Too bad... I was looking forward to this experience with my friends and now I'm actually HORRIFIED!

    Thank you!

  11. I'm going, bringing my mum along. Should be fun! Even though it's been hot as balls out. And I'm not a "Twihard crazy" fan. I completely agree with you tHesLayEr. I'm a little scared, really don't want to be around a bunch of crazies.

  12. I am SO there!

    TCA - whatcha doin' tomorrow night???

  13. @Divinesally, glad someone agrees. Im def HORRIFIED but we are still going. I have my lil batery operated fan (bring on the heat! lol)and bringing some snacks. Hopefully (crossing my fingers) it will be a nice experience.

    Twihards, PLEASE... BEHAVE!!!

  14. @MzKiwi, they're showing it Friday night, October 9 in Elmwood Park in Roanoke, VA.

    I can't BELIEVE people who come to this site are 'upset' that the showing of Twilight in Central Park was posted on this (and other Twi-fan) site(s).

    (a) It's not the FIRST TIME you've seen the movie. You probably know most every line - you're not gonna 'miss' anything.

    (b) The idea of elitism or 'exclusivity' is not kind. The IDEA of having an event like this in a park is to encourage THE MASSES to enjoy a night out under the stars. When you have a 'community' together, you can't monitor every noise and it's ridiculous to want that, anyway. Part of the fun is EXPERIENCING that.

    (c) If you don't agree with what I just wrote, you're best suited to invite your friends over that night and watch it in your living room instead, or take your portable dvd player out on your back porch so you can be 'under the stars' too, but where it can be all quiet and serious.

    (d) I hope to heaven you're not planning on seeing New Moon at the theatre for AT LEAST 2 weeks after it comes out.

    Relax, people - - Twilight is FUN. Enjoying things with other fans who love it too is FUN. Giggle when people scream if you're too cool for school and can't join in . . . but life's too short for all this 'story hogging' and silliness.

    Thanks for posting this, TCA.
    Share the love!

    ~JennJam, irritated by elitism, particularly people who expect to have CENTRAL PARK to themselves as if NYC is doing this 'just for them,' ending rant now.

  15. I'm praying it wont get crazy, but be REALLY fun. People should be excited but not get insane at the site of Rob. I don't blame them but keep it under wraps.

    I'll probably meet cool new people like THESLAYER. I'm bringing a blanket, snacks and drinks too. And getting there semi early so I can get some sun. I'm pale as Hale.

    One thing that I have noticed is that Twilight (Rob) has brought people together. I have a lot more friends than I did before. ;)

  16. DAMN! Im always complaining about shit being on the west coast, and here I am in New England, a mere few states north of Edward in Central Park, AND I CANT GO. So not fair. Not only that, STY and JJ from Twitarted will be there! UGH!

  17. WOOT! Yup we'll totally be there!!! We were gonna bring the Edward Culled Standee (aka "FSE"/Full-Size Edward) but then we realized that he doesn't sit well and even Twi-fans would say "Down in front, FSE! You're blocking my view!" and then JJ would have to go all fist-a-cuffs and it would cause a scene & stuff - lol... Plus it might rain and he is a delicate flower. Mini-E [er, make that "Mini-Es and Bella"] will definitely be in attendance!

    P.S. JennJam - nothing personal against "the slayer" or anyone else that wanted to try to keep this on the DL, but I agree - I might change my tune by late tomorrow night, but for now I'm totally looking forward to the SQUEE!-fest and sharing some Twilighty good times with other fans!

    : )

  18. @jennjam oh good lord! i love love loveeee rants! so thank your for that one! :-) . CP movies is no "story" its an event that takes place every summer. HARDLY a 'secret'. So needless to say "exclusivity" was NEVER expected. Its CENTRAL PARK for crying out loud!

    Either way, have you seen how these Twihard behave when something is Rob-related? You're probably one of those irritating shriek-ers, since apparently you wouldnt mind going to the movies and having a lot of morons yelling inaudible things (and sometimes obscene) near your ears, while trying to watch a movie. its not the ghetto! its central park! ill lift a prayer for these kids to behave for 2 hours and leave the yelling and the jumping up and down for after i leave! lol

    @divinesally, im right there with you! pale as hale i am as well (btw, that was funny! lol). i have my blanket and snacks ready! lets hope for no rain and for this heat to give us a break! :-)

    now back to blogging! :-D

  19. oh and PS... to the owner of this blog, KUDOS! i read it almost every day (just not this post) but whats one out of hundreds?!

  20. Enjoy all that are going!! I live sooo close,but can't make it:((( Nothing like Central Park in the summer time!! Enjoy all!!

  21. hmph, not that I care or is jealous or anything.... Argh, I can't fool anyone. WHY is NYC so far away from Denmark ? :-)

    So please, you guys who are fortunate enough to go, enjoy it on behalf of us all :-D

  22. Yup, me and STY will definitely be there! Yay, can't wait! Personally, I'm always a fan of a little mayhem so I'm curious to see what's going to happen. And excited!

  23. @theslayer, you said you purposefully didn't post news of this event on your blog and sarcastically 'thanked' TCA for posting it here while lamenting that other Twilight blogs have probably posted it too. Yeah, I can totally see how that's sharing the love with other big fans of THE MOVIE they're gonna be showing.

    And I hardly call this "going to the movies."
    I do, however, call it "going to the park to watch a movie with waaaayy more people than would fit in a theatre or can be monitored so if I expect to not hear 'a lot of morons yelling inaudible things (and sometimes obscene) near (my) ears,' I'd better stay home."

    I've personally considered waiting (gasp!) to see New Moon because I *know* I won't be able to hear anything in the theatre above the screams, but I just don't know if I can take waiting, either. So, I'll have to go and watch it first and then go again to hear it later, but I've accepted that, haaaa! (that's what this phenomenon has caused)

    But when I go to the park to see it on October 9 here, I'm going to enjoy watching and hearing other fans enjoy it too, however they want to.

    I hope you have fun and can overlook whatever noises erupt. Hey, maybe it won't be as bad as you fear/think? I hope it will be something you enjoy, though.

    Wish I could go! :)


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