August 13, 2009

Help a fellow Danger Magnet out!

This photo actually made me LOL - for reelz!

I feel responsible for posting this on behalf of all bloggy-buddies everywhere:

Are you a danger magnet too? Well the official Danger Magnet momma is calling on you to help run her blog - help is on the way!

And if all else fails...
Mmmm... wha?

Quickly - there's not much time!

- Lorabell


  1. i laughed out loud too but not at the kitty one - at the one of rob paha LMAO :) x

  2. Hu? Robert, you want me? Oh! You want me to DO something! Would that something be you? I can only focus on your face, so those words don't really register in my brain.

    Wow, that is one HECK of a picture... and the kitty one, too.

  3. Wooo!! That pic of Rob just set me blazing and made me melt in my seat! Somebody call 911 cuz shorty's panties are on fire!

  4. Hot DAMN Rob! Where has this photo been all my life!? Is this a manip?? Seriously.. he is just unf*#kingreal!

  5. Everyone else can be Robs second danger magnet in waiting,... I`m gonna be his first and only, you lot are gonna have to wait a looooooonng time, sorry girls, (I`m not sorry really) :)
    Love you Rob, completly, irrevocably and unconditionally :D xxxx
    Dee xx

  6. LOL! Thanks for helping me out and re-posting this! :D

  7. Oh Lord...Too hot. That is one SEXY pic.


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