August 2, 2009

First I was dazzled, then I was Jazzled - Mission Hollywood appearance

He makes me go all giggly, lol - such a charmer - love it!

Thanks Twilight Moonlighter - love the new site!

- Lorabell


  1. awww.... hes so cute. i want one

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaah til is so funny xDDD
    He says "He is hot right? Isn't he just as hot as Edward?!" thihi and the girls like "öhmm yeah Oo" aahahahhaaha
    But the show is soooo boring, that's why i stopped watching it xDD

  3. he is the hottest! i love him<3

  4. Awwh this is so sweet!! The look on the girls faces was priceless:)


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