August 20, 2009

Fandango Revisits KStew's Heated New Moon Rehearsal

ScreenCaps via Thinking of Rob

Fandango shares more details of their New Moon set visit last spring with us. While we've read write-ups from other media outlets, it's always refreshing to read about an experience from another point of view:
Kristen Stewart's Heated Rehearsal
The monitors show the inside of the Volturi's underground lair. To us, standing right outside of it, the domed, encapsulated set is constructed entirely of wood. Ladders are leaning against it in various places and spotlights are placed around it to give that sunlight-streaming-in effect. Kristen Stewart rehearses a scene with Cameron Bright, who plays Alec. Off screen, Alec's witch twin – Jane (Dakota Fanning) – is torturing Edward with her special power that gives the illusion of pain. All we see is Stewart's reaction: "Stop! Stop it! You're hurting him!" she desperately yells and stutters to Jane, not taking her eyes off Edward. "Do whatever you want to me! Try it on me—Try it on me! Just stop hurting him—please!" Bright holds her arm as she futilely attempts to twist free. Cut to a close-up of Stewart's face. Her brows are furrowed and she's misty-eyed. The camera lingers on Stewart as she falls silent. Off screen, we hear a high-pitched laugh and voice of Michael Sheen, who plays Aro: "How remarkable! She confounds us all..."

The rehearsal continues a few more times, with different camera angles set up on Stewart. In between takes, she and director Chris Weitz discuss. Stewart's hand gestures are pronounced, but she manages to keep smiling. A man walks up to her and gently combs her hair back into place. On set, a guy yells "Everybody, shut the hell up!" silencing the whispers that are adding to the ambient noise. After some of the takes, Stewart has a smirk on her face—she looks slightly embarrassed. It reminds me of a scene in Twilight where Bella is in the hospital and she's stuttering the word "no" as she pleads with Edward not to leave her. Suddenly, someone from the crew marches up to our viewing section. "All guests, step out," he commands tersely. He repeats himself, and I and the other press members get a move on. Did Kristen request that we leave? Who knows. Outside, we spot a blond bloke wearing a Volturi get-up, loitering with a cigarette in one hand and a water bottle in the other. It's Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower)! We snag him for an exclusive interview. He's hilarious—definitely the comedian of the Volturi coven.
Read the rest at Fandango!


  1. oooooooooooooooohh, now THIS makes my blood flow!! LOVE.IT.

    Details like this are, to steal Laurent's line, 'mouthwatering.'

    They are going to kill us, folks. KILL US with daily news from now until November!!!

    Will we make it??? :) Gaaaahhhhh!!!

  2. i really dount i will make it, i hyperventilate whenever i read things like this. by the time i the film comes out i will be a lifeless lump :D x

  3. not to be picky, but weren't his eyes black at this point? just wondering...

  4. yeah i think they are. x

  5. I remember Kristen saying she was embarassed about the hospital scene . . . maybe in the twilight dvd commentary?

  6. @ Anon 11:21
    Yes. I think his eyes are supposed to be black. But in the pic his eyes don't look black -- red or gold but not black. Jeeeezzz louise! They need to get things like this right! *rolls eyes*

  7. @Twilight_Star, yes, it was in the dvd commentary that Kristen talked/laughed about that. I thought it was a bit overdone in the movie (really, it was) but I loved hearing her explanation. It made it a little 'more ok' each time I see that scene after hearing that, when she said something about 'having all these things in her head that she wanted to say but what we see is all that came out,' even though that's not what she wanted to do.

    How many times has THAT happened to any of us 'in real life,' ha ha!!?

    I blame Catherine for that more than Kristen. They should've used another 'take.'

    @Anon (11:21am) and @THparkle, I KNOOOOOOWWWW. Driving me nuts.

  8. ...and WHY is Alec holding onto Bella when it's suppossed to be Alice? Can Melissa Rosenberg get THE TECHNICAL STUFF RIGHT ALREADY?


  9. the picture looks really really good! but what's with the red?? I mean, why is he wearing a red shirt? his blouse, that he was wearing right before this is going to happen is blue or something, right? he's supposed to be bare-chested!!!!


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