August 13, 2009

Entertainment Weekly Cover Story Now Online: New Moon Set Secrets's fall movie preview cover story about New Moon is online:
Kristen Stewart lies on a beige carpet, surrounded by a mess of pink roses and broken crystal. Her sweater is ripped, revealing a bloody gash on her right arm. It's April in Vancouver, and the New Moon cast is filming Bella Swan's climactic 18th-birthday celebration — the one cut short after an innocent paper cut turns the Cullen family, in one split second, from civilized ''vegetarian'' vampires into six beastly creatures hungry for sweet human blood. Director Chris Weitz wants another take of Edward (Robert Pattinson) fighting off his vampire brother Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), as Stewart lies injured in the background. This is the third freezing night in a row that the cast has worked until dawn, but that doesn't stop the set from feeling warm and jovial. Pattinson mugs for the movie camera between takes and teases his costar for just lying on the floor in the midst of all the vamp-on-vamp violence. ''Do you want Kristen to give us a little life back there?'' he jokes to the director. Kristen smiles. ''I'm just writhing down here,'' she says. ''A lot of writhing. I writhe really well.''
In the article, Chris Weitz and Wyck Godfrey about the pressure - or lack therof - that they dealt with on the New Moon Set:
Ok...this monkey wasn't actually featured in the article...but...
Could anyone doubt that New Moon will be a hit come fall? Perhaps that's why the set feels a bit like summer camp — albeit a very cold, very dark summer camp filled with vampires and blood. ''In a weird way, there is less pressure this time around, since it's something we know people want to see,'' says producer Wyck Godfrey. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the movies, has already proved that it will stay as true to Meyer's vision as possible. ''I told Summit that they could probably get a talking chimp to direct New Moon, and it would still do well,'' says Weitz.
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BTW, holy hotness! See the pics of KSTew & Taylor in our previous blog post.


  1. Now this is the kstew I love, I miss her lloking so beautiful. She is way too joan jett right now, the cracked out look is getting old. She is so unreal pretty in these pictures. Love them!!!!

    I hope there r lots of other magazines holding amazing photo shotts like this with robward too....... oh I hope.


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