August 5, 2009

E!News' New Moon Update: Stephenie's Juicy Love Confessions (Wha?)

Aside from Ryan's bizarre intro, great to hear Stephenie talking about Blue October's music. :-)

[via Twilight Poison awesome Twitter]


  1. When I first started reading the books, I was really into Blue October, and I felt that BO's words matched soooo perfectly with how I imagined Edward was feeling. I love that Stephanie Meyer is so awesome that she got inspiration from this awesome band. Kudos to Stephanie, kudos to Blue October and their amazing songs.

  2. Never heard of Blue October? Listening to the little clip didn't give me enough info to tell if I like the music or not. I'll have to listen to them and see if I like this kind of music.

  3. WHY on earth is this called "Exclusive" when it happened a year ago?!?!?!? I don't get some of these TV shows/news outlets.

  4. I love Blue October..they latest album is so angsty but great! Congratulations, What If We Could from their older just brill!



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