August 4, 2009

Helloooo Riley! Eclipse cast on way to location

Well hellooo Riley!

See more here - thanks RPattzNews

- Lorabell

Yay for Greek Shipping Heirs? :-) - TCA


  1. Wow, Riley is pretty cute!

    Now where are SETH and LEAH? And who are they? :-)

  2. Everybody is wearing shades .Cute!Upset the blond duch kills it ! Paris.I agree TCA - Riley is cute , I wonder how he would look as a vampire?Oooh! Can't wait!

  3. i heart the cullens!!
    is London,Paris,Brazil whatever his name is scratching his COUGH cough?
    GRoss..come on Nikki can do better
    again I <3 The Cullens

  4. Ashley<33333
    Nikkis bf looks disgusting..

  5. I concur TCA. Ooh Riley (forgot his real name) is preeettttyyyy cute! Diggin' his style: the shades, the cardigan sweater. The only problem is I might just find the notion that Victoria doesn't love him and only using his cute little self a little hard to believe...Who would use such a cutie pie? LOL!

    Nikki looks super cute (minus the douche bf) and wtf is going on in the pic with him? It looks like he's going in for the kill and itchin' his man bits...Oh no Nik, best to stay away...think he may have crabs and I'm not talkin' 'bout the ones that come from the sea.

  6. How old is Riley? Am I gonna go to jail for thinking he's swoony?

  7. According to wikipedia he's 24 so no Jail time for us! :)

  8. Hey ya gotta keep up on these things lol... ;) We're pretty safe ogling 90% of the male cast lol

  9. Yay he's one year older than me...finally a cast member tha is actually older than me.

  10. Girls don't hate me please but I don't like Riley!!!! :-( I was expecting someone more like Channing Tatum or better hehehe Oh wells! At least there is Robert!!!!! Any news about Rob or Kristen arrival???

  11. is it just me, or does Xavier kind of look a bit like Rob?

    either way, he's delicious.

    oh no, honey, no. nikki, you need to lose the dumbass next to you. i admit that it was a good idea to kick the smoking habit but then you went and picked up this guy? sweetie...c'mon.

  12. Ya know, 'Riley' does look like Rob (at first glance) in that first pic. . . . and then a bit like Brad Pitt in the profile pic.


    And about Paris L., anyone who has 'been with' Paris Hilton will, no doubt, be scratching their man bits for quite some time, if not 'forever.'

    I'm just sayin' . . .

  13. jennjam- so true- could be Rob's brother if he had one!!
    Where's the wolf pack???


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