August 15, 2009

Dakota looking killer in Style ;)

The shysterical (no, that's not a typo) SnarkierThanYou from Twitarded (also run by JennyJerkface) sent over these shamazing scans of Dakota all grow'd up!

Check out Twitarded for the article from Style as well as some of the funniest blogging around- and uh, Dakota is going to kick it as Jane! ...Sorry TCA ;)

Thanks STY - hope you're not getting into too much trouble with FSE while JJ is away ;)

- Lorabell


  1. Oh I am totally getting in trouble in JJ's absence... Did I mention that her S/O is away, too? And I have unfettered access to her home all weekend? I always wanted a place to hang all of my Twilight posters and such... Life is good.

    : )

  2. She looks exactly like I pictured Jane. She is Jane and owns the part. She has that lovely, angelic, child like face, and the appearance of a wolf in sheeps clothing. She trully fits Stephanie's description. I love Dakota!

  3. Jane is probably the character I'm most excited to see in NM and I agree, Dakota looks the part, angelic face and all. She looks lovely in these pics, so cute!

  4. Dakota has become a beautiful young lady!! So talented too! same her Thparkle- can't wait to see her pull of Jane- I think she'll do an amazing job!!


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