August 24, 2009

Dakota finishes on Eclipse

Celebuzz reports that Dakota has finished her filming for Eclipse... I wonder if this means they've finished filming the fight scene already too? Just a thought :)

Thanks TwilightIsLife

- Lorabell

P.s. Still loving that leather jacket!


  1. Willing to bet that she's done filming - for now. Meaning that her scenes that actually take place in the book have NOT been filmed.

    Bree (Jordelle), Kellan, Jackson - all of these people should be present for that scene and they are either not in Vancouver yet or just arrived today.

  2. I'm pretty sure she's going to come back later on to film another scene. The scene on Friday was just the Volturi observing Riley and Victoria's mischief.

    I was told that the cast members were told not to stick around Vancouver when they're not filming, due to the amount of papparrazzi that have flocked in.

  3. Err Jodelle. Not Jordelle, I beg your pardon

  4. Maybe they were in some kind on rehearsal like the Alice, Peter, Esme, Jasper and Kellan did at the begining hehe I'm jus getting crazy without Rob!!!

  5. I want that leather jacket. STAT. Does anyone know who's it from?

  6. that jacket IS pretty awsome. the cut and color is perfect

  7. eww i do not like her. and i dont like her acting. ick!
    i do loveee her jacket thoo


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