August 9, 2009

Couve cast outings continue...

Dinner time! Grizzly bear or mountain lion?

"And then I said 'of course you don't run like a goat' - bhahahahah!"

Pectacular! You too Kellan ;)

I'm starting to worry that coverage of Eclipse might be headed in the "Remember Me" direction :/

Via Vlaineymort

- Lorabell


  1. I so hope not. **(might be headed in the "Remember Me" direction)** I'm hoping they make it locked down tight. I'm praying my fellow Canadians behave themselves and dont make spectacles like the NYC peeps. Mind you school starts soon so that should help keep the tweens away from 9-3. fingers crossed they have a good shoot here.

  2. Kellan looks delicious!

  3. It is so nice to see that they get along with each other! not always the case when filming!! I'm sure the security will be as tight as it was for NM! These pics are no different if they were in LA doing their own thing!

  4. I have such a girl crush on Elizabeth Reaser. She seems spunky and b!tchy in a fun way. KStew and NReed could take notes and be this cool when they grow up! I know I'm ready for the tomatoes to be thrown at me but I do actually like KStew and NReed and I would love them to make a mentor out of Mama Cullen. I just wish we could so more of Ms. Reaser outside of Twilight.


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