August 9, 2009

Couve cast outing

Monkey man confused - where Nikki?!

I'm seriously not digging Taylor's shirt *zoom* loving the jeans though ;) hey, it's legal in Georgia!

When did Jackson start channeling Johnny Depp? No complaints here!

Well hellooo PFach's bicep - how you doin'?!

Sorry for the delay on these guys - more over a TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. lol I'm from Vancouver, and it's making me laugh at all the nicknames the city's "the van" and "the couve"....I've neeever heard anyone here call it that until new moon and eclipse began filming and now everyone wants to come here

  2. i think it s great that they get to go out as a cast and like a family of best friends aahhah i like the one where Kellan's picture ...monkey man confused ahah and where is Nikki ...shouldnt it me Rosalie :P ahah i also noticed that Nikkis loser of a boyfriend isnt there at all but oh well i dont really like Paris.

  3. PLEASE stop calling vancouver "the couve". The only locally acceptable nickname, if one must be used at all, is Vancity.

  4. PLEASE can someone tell that they'll be in Vancouver wednesdag, thursday and friday??
    they look great, btw


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