August 2, 2009

Could this be Bree?

Sabrina Frank from Germany's "Mission Hollywood" has won a part in Eclipse! No confirmation yet on which role she'll play - I'd be happy to be tea-girl if it meant I got to be on set and meet our fave Twi-peeps - jealous!

Thanks Tiny_Pixy

- Lorabell


  1. Hhhmmm maybe... but isn't Bree supposed to be kinda young 'round 15? IDK she looks 'bout in her 20's. She kinda resembles Emilie De Ravin, no?
    Ditto to that, Lorabell. I'd settle for being cast as the loofa girl in the Roman bathing scene...having to give all the Volturi sponge baths -- ewww on second thought, maybe not -- union-like skin? eewwwwww

  2. She looks too old to play Bree. I was expecting someone that looked around the same age as Dakota Fanning.

  3. i think brees to young for her to play. maybe she could be one of the denalis...

  4. LOL-@THparkle.
    I was thinking same thing she too old for Bree's character!!

  5. Yeah i think shes to old to play Bree. Bree is only 15.



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