August 5, 2009

Pile o' Poo: Copyright Lawsuit Bullshiz Debunked

By now you've all heard about that crackpot who's accused Stephenie Meyer of plagiarizing her story ideas. We haven't blogged about this sad, annoying pile o' poo because we didn't want to give that attention-seeking chick and her silly allegations any airtime.

However, Twilight Lexicon has done some sleuthing to help debunk some of the crap that is out there right now:
We decided to do some more research. We wanted to see for ourselves when Ms. Scott actually copyrighted her book. Well we got a whole lot more than we bargained for. We not only looked up Ms. Scott, but Stephenie Meyer as well. We were after the date that Twilight was copyrighted. Little did we know that not only was Twilight copyrighted, but so is Forever Dawn. This was news to us.
Read the rest here.


  1. UGh Ms Scott is so lame...She just wants some publicity for her book...she knows Twilight is huge so shes wallowing in her depression for being LAME!

  2. Nobody knows the truth. Do any of you know Meyer? For all you know, she could be lying. So could Scott. Who knows? If Scott had been the one to be published with her books, and Meyer had been the one to call foul play, what would you have done then?

    You don't know either person, so how can you adequately judge? Maybe Stephenie Meyer is a liar. You never know.

  3. I agreee with u anonymous who posted at 10:18pm, what if it was scott's idea and not meyer's? Who's to know. and who ever thought a pile of poop could look so cute :)

  4. Yeah, I admit I'm biased, and I don't really know at all. None of us can know.

    I really didn't care too much about blogging this story at all until I saw TwiLex's posts and some of the background story, which makes the whole situation seem kind of fishy. BUt you're right, I really dunno.

    I do like cute poop cartoons though. :-)

    Read TwiLex's post and weigh in there.

  5. It's pretty hard to argue with the evidence they are quoting. The US Copyright Department isn't going to fake it's records to support either side.

  6. Don't really care- who's idea it was- SM turned it into reality- well sort of. I have ideas all the time and then see someone produce that idea- doesn't mean they stole it- just faster at the production end of things:(((


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