August 18, 2009

Copy-cat Host cover?

A (non-Twilighter *sigh*) friend of mine sent me this... I get the feeling it's old news that I missed - am I wrong?

Thanks Kelly via Totally Looks Alike

- LorabellThe


  1. no I saw that today as well..and read the comments..some people dont understand the idea of stock photography...

  2. this is probably just an uncopyrighted picture. If Stephanie Meyer wanted that picture exclusively she could've bought it!

  3. Never seen this before but oh dear :S. It is rather fail when that happens. Wonder who owns the original picture.

  4. Yeah, the cover is just a stock photo - it happens all the time (although a lot of the time the art department in charge of making the cover for the book mess around with the stock photo enough to make them look different enough.)

    Heres just one example of where this has happened before, these covers look totally different thanks to photoshop but it's the same stock photo of a girl that has been used:

    I think the other book was released before The Host was and it's like, Dutch or something. O.o

  5. The book on the right is a Dutch book, I know because I'm Dutch. It means something like: The testing.

  6. Doesn't matter too much ppl will see the cover and think oh that's SM's book- buy it and she'll make more $$. Heehee

  7. OMG
    That copy-cat is a dutch women, from Holland, where I'm from.. I'm so embarresed....

  8. Does anyone know which book was published first?

  9. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble. But before trash talking someone, maybe you should do your research first. It's actually Stephanie Meyer who has the same cover as Tess Franke.

    The host May 6th 2008 and the other novel was realeased February of 2008.


    It's a non-copyrighted stock photo, and the art company chose the picture for Stephanie's book.

  10. God. Doesn't matter .. My friend got a school book with the same picture what ? It's not Stephanie's !


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