August 6, 2009

Classic Novels Get the Twilight Treatment

Wuthering Heights, which is referenced in the Twilight Saga has gotten the Twilight treatment. Inspired to read these books now?

4tnz spoofs this movement by making up some additional Twilightized covers. Check 'em out at 4tnz.


  1. I know several book girls that are angered by this but I think it's marvelous. I love that an old wonderful book will get new readers.

  2. Have you guys read it? I picked it up because of the Twilight series and fell in love with it. It's really marvelous!

  3. I think this is a great idea - I totally want these versions of the books!
    - Lorabell

  4. I love the Bronte sisters and of course love 'Wuthering Heights.' I used to own it but regretfully loaned it to a coworker and never got it back >:( I would love to have the version on the right.
    I agree Juju ~ I think it's great, it'll definately pull in new Bronte readers.
    I'm so sick of book snobs, that ACT like they're soooo refined. *rolls eyes*

  5. I'm reading Wuthering Heights now and definitely see the love triangle comparison. I don't remember it being mentioned as both Bella & Edwards favorite book though, just Bella's. I remember Edward always giving her a hard time about reading it so much.

  6. It's kind of corny, but if it gets kids to read classics I'm all for it.

  7. I've already read it (in portuguese, of course). I really like Nelly and that part when she tells Cathy & Heathcliff's story to Mr. Lockwood.

  8. I wonder if they'll make a 'Twilightized' cover for 'Romeo and Juliet' and/or 'The Merchant of Venice'?

    I kind of agree, THparkle.
    A friend of mine recently told me that when she sees a person reading a book that has 'the movie cover,' she knows they're just into the book b/c of the movie.

    I think that's absurd b/c (a) at least they're interested in reading the book at all, who cares if their interest was inspired by the movie? And (b) what, so people who don't read the books first are somehow 'intellectually inferior?'

    I like to read the books first if I can, but only because if I'm going to be surprised by the storyline, I like it to be during the 'longer' version of reading the book, not in a 2-hour movie. When I see the movie first, the book loses some of its impact b/c "I know what happens" (unless they change it) and I'd rather the impact be 'in reading the book.' I don't mind as much if the movie is the one losing impact.
    Plus, the book gives more insight into the characters than a movie even CAN, but it's also the 'truest' story intended by the author and not the modified/condensed version that movies demand.

    But that's just my personal preference.

    I don't like it very much when intellectual elitists impose their superior thoughts on others - - it's so undignified. :)

  9. i freakin heart the cullen boysAugust 7, 2009 at 1:50 AM

    damn i just brought wuthering heights from a secondhand bookshop. i wish i had waited for this new version, it would be so much better than my old falling apart book with such tiny writting.

  10. I love the Bronte sisters novels, my fave is Jane Eyre.

  11. Read wuthering heights first, then try to get your hands on a copy of the film version from 1939 starring a young Laurence Olivier (really broodingly hot & sexy) as heathcliff, merle oberon as cathy & david niven as edgar. Saw it many years ago on tv & have never been able to forget it. Only need to see the title & I automatically think 'olivier'.


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