August 4, 2009

Charlie Bewley (Demetri) Hits Up Vancity Too

See more pics of Charlie arriving at Vancouver airport yesterday at Lainey.\

Lainey also shares additional photos of the Eclipse cast arriving at the airport here.


  1. aaw they'r all hanging together. Its great to see them hanging with Bryce too. Ash<3
    Where's Jackson? i would've want to see some Jacksley pics.

  2. where is Rob and Kristen ?

  3. Yeah!! The gangs almost all there. Can't wait!!

  4. I agree with HisCrookedSmiles saying; "Wow...AWKWARD!"

    *Ron's Little Girl* doesn't look all that hippy-happy in this arrival pic... Ashely is not exactly clutching-in-close to *R.L.G*... But then, if you blow up pics [of Ashley], I think you can still see "the ring" on her left ring finger. [Perhaps her 'Alice Wedding Ring' still?]

    Add that to all the gossip-crap about Jackson's old celebrity crush on *R.L.G.* Mmmmmmmm... >,-)

    But not to worry *R.L.G.,* Nikki is in the Couve. And I'll bet Nikki [with Paris in tow] will be all over you, soon. -chuckle- I can just see Nikki making *R.L.G.* her new BFF.

    Yes -meoooooowwwwwww- :-)


  5. Mmmmmmmmmmm... That "And I'll bet Nikki [with Paris in tow] will be all over you, soon." should have read...

    Nikki will be terribly, terribly friendly and welcoming to *R.L.G.*. "All over you" was not a nice choice of words.


  6. aa, i've gotta say, most of what you write anymore seems to be 'not a nice choice of words.'

    your self-imposed ban on commenting on anything about bryce was short lived, i see. short lived as in 'never took place.'

    honestly, give it a rest.
    we get it, we get it - - you're not happy with rachelle being out, you don't like bryce, you hate summit, blah blah blah. so, don't see the movie. throw away your books. start your own 'bryce is the devil' blog.

    but for the love of pete(r facinelli), would you mind not spewing your hate time and again when we're all just trying to move past this disappointment??!

    - Lexi

  7. Xavier is too cute! Check out the guns on Charlie! Rob's going to have to make room for a little competition...

  8. I don't get the hate for Bryce, she's lovely and this is not her fault at all. I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job and we shoudl support her even when we miss Rachelle.


  9. Yes I think it will take some time but soon enough Xavier and Bryce will be part of the family :)


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