August 6, 2009

"CHardz" (LOL) talks Robsten's first kiss!

For the audition *KStew eye roll* gah, Robsten lovers, take a chill ;)

Via Spunk Ransom

- Lorabell

P.s. I heart Catherine!

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  1. Is this from the Minneapolis convention? Looks like it. I attended that convention and she also said who was one of the other 4 Edward finalists. She said it was Jackson, and that Jackson flew with her to Pennsylvania to do the audition with Kristen in a hotel room, because Kristen was filming adventureland at the time. She wasn't sure whether she had told that piece of information before. She also talked about how during the four auditions Kristen clearly did not want some of the guys to be Edward, she was not thrilled with doing the kissing scenes with them, but she didn't say which potential Edward that was.


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