August 13, 2009

Catherine Hardwicke says KStew & RPattz are 'both fascinating, tortured artists'

E!Online interviewed Catherine Hardwicke during the Teen Choice awards, and here is an excerpt of what she had to say about tabloids and her Twilight stars, Rob & Kristen:

Your poor cast! They've all become insane tabloid targets. Do you pay attention to all the rumors?
When I'm in the airport on trips I'll look at the magazines. It's pretty wild. I feel pretty bad for everybody. You wish you could just have a life!

Some aren't exactly rumors though, like Rob and Kristen being more than "good friends." Do you like them as a couple in real life, too?
Of course! I cast them together, so obviously I think they're awesome together. There's no question about that.

Last time we chatted you told us how you knew there was something special with Robsten from the start. What exactly do you think makes them work as a couple?
I think they're both fascinating, tortured artists, which is kind of cool to be with somebody else that gets what that's like. They are both amazing with very interesting minds. So that's kind of cool, too.

Hmm. What *leading* questions! :-/ Read the rest at E!Online.


  1. wow..."do you like them as a couple in real life too?" people are just begging for SOMEONE to admit theyre really together...
    Catherine was pretty cool but im glad Chris got to do New Moon..his vision (from what ive seen) is more like my own so far

  2. They sounds quite compatible.

  3. She was the one who warned Rob off Kristen when he was first hired. Saying Michael was one of her close friends. Now she's claiming to be matchmaker. She's grasping to keep the spotlight, to get traction for her next Summit movie.

  4. so is she actually saying they ARE a couple?! *confuse* I really haven't believed the rumors, but it seems like people are confirming them? What's going on!!!

  5. No confirmation there. She's just saying they're similar types and would be compatible 'if' they were together. Geez, Ted C. claims this was the big confirmation. CH supposedly his inside source!

  6. Pleeeease DON`T say they`re together, life would have NO meaning if he was with her !!
    WAAAA !!! :((

  7. Sounded like a confirmation to me! However, I'm not sure she meant it to sound that way. She's kind of flaky.

  8. Fascinating, tortured artists *sob* Could it be anymore intriuing? ;-)

  9. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I think Ted Casablanca is a fucking idiot.

  10. What Hannah said....true dat!

    Sigh...I'm getting really tired of Catherine Hardwicke. I personally think she ruined Twilight - blue filter, Edward's mime make-up, hoakey tree climbing stuff and she took my beautiful meadow scene that was filled with sexual tension and blossoming love and turned it into a 2-minute staring the middle of a golf course, no less.

    Catherine....Andy Wharhol called...your 15 minutes of fame are up.


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