August 29, 2009

Cast at dinner - nom nom nom

Hmmm... what's up with Ashley - and is that Xavier too?

Via Spunk Ransom

- Lorabell

UPDATE: Check out even more pics & a stalker report at!

Thanks, Coral!

And Taylor was out too! Pic via RobPattzNews.


  1. yes thats Xavier. aaw whats up with Ash? Maybe she's laughing because the others are smiling aswell..

  2. I think Rob and Kristen broke up,that's why her brother came to Couv.

  3. Her brother was/is in 'Couv? This is all news to me hahah
    I don't imagine Rob looking so cheerful though if they had... that's if they are/were even together...
    Anyway, my Xavier radar is beeping, I think that is him. Dayum. Cannot get enough of him at the moment!

  4. Awwh all the vamps eating:)) what's up with the hats don't they know it's rude not to take your hats off at the table!! LOL

  5. @ Heidi Ho

    I agree with you about the hats. That's definitely bad manners. This irritates me almost as much as celebrities wearing sunglasses everywhere. Please.
    Only Jack Nicholson can get away with that.

    On the other hand, I'm really getting fond of PFach. I think he genuinely cares about his younger castmates. I wouldn't be surprised if he talked Rob into getting out of the hotel for a change. In those photos he looks so supportive of him.

  6. i'm really confused... i cant even see ashley in this photo lol

  7. Is Ashley the one covering herself? I hope not since isn't it a little too late for that lol!

  8. You forgot Nikki in the last pic with Taylor :) I *heart* her bag.

  9. I wish she'd get another damn bag. Did she only bring the one? Really? And why is she never out with her greek boyfriend with the dodgey hair roots? I quite liked seeing pictures, albeit there were only a few, of them to together. And where the hell has Rob been hiding? It's like, I know you're a vampire darling, but the world wishes to see your beautiful face. And Kristen as well now I think about it... I miss them :(

  10. Billy always looks great with that mustache.


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