August 2, 2009

Bronson and Chaske video from Twi-Con, MI

Chaske's voice is CRAZY deep - *fnar!

Thanks NewMoonMovie

- Lorabell

P.s. I still heart you Solomon!

*English expression, a bit like saying "I totally would!" ;)


  1. Lorabell-crazy deep voice is right?!! sexy sounding. Too bad the questions weren't more interesting:)

  2. I like how you educate us in english expressions :)

  3. A. He does sounds sexy. Yum.
    B. I still love Soloman too.
    C. I love what he says about it being a more contemporary view of an American Indian. Very true.
    D. His age plays in his voice. I find that terribly sexy.

  4. fnar
    Acronym meaning "For No Apparent Reason".
    Guy 1: *slaps closest person*
    Guy 2: "hey! why did you do that!?!"
    Guy 1: "fnar

    im english and its not used for lorabells reason
    neither is snackered

  5. Um yeah...his voice is incredibly sexy. Makes me even more excited to see the wolf pack in action.

  6. This is from the Minneapolis, MN convention. I was at the convention and these two were so great. I am not a member of team Jacob or even a wolf fan, but they got me excited to see the wolves in New Moon. They were so nice to the fans, giving everyone hugs, ran through the audience to take questions, they were so excited to be there and to meet the fans. The way they greeted each other when they saw each other for the first time at the convention, you can tell that they really like each other, very cool.

  7. You should change the title to say Twi Tour in Minneapolis, MN, not Michigan. haha

    I was there, they did really good for it being their first convention and question and answer session. Very nice guys, glad they came to MN! :)

  8. Hey! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! The pictures and video were taken by me at the convention... you can see more by signing up for either my fans of Chaske Spencer websites on either




    Since both my sites are dedicated to Chaske... you will not see much of Bronson on there. However, I have supplied my pictures of Bronson to this website... you can view them there.

  9. I love the way chaske laughs. ugh his voice is


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