August 19, 2009

Breaking Dawn "News": Is there any way Breaking Dawn won't be made?

Love this old manip(ple)!

's Marc Malkin has 'news' about Breaking Dawn:

Breaking Dawn will be made into a movie! (duh)

While there's been no official announcement that all systems are go for a fourth Twilight flick, a rep for Summit Entertainment promises that Eclipse will not be the last we see of Robert Pattinson & company...

"The fans should rest assured the we're working with Stephenie Meyer to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen," the rep said. "As in all creative processes, things take time. We want to make sure we get it right."

Is there any way Summit would *not* make Breaking Dawn and give up a lucrative extension of the Twilight Saga franchise? I think not. They're gonna milk this.

Thanks, Ismarie!


  1. They would not lose the opportunity to cash in on one of the biggest franchises to come along in a long time. Especially with the movie industry/tv not doing as well as they have in the past. They will do whatever they have to keep the $$ flowing over many years!!

  2. I reallyy hope the film Breaking Dawn!!! It would be crazy not to! That's the most important movie of all!!!! Uff I can't wait to see the wedding, the honeymoon and Renessmee and Bella's shield! I can't wait! Let's hope they make the announcement next year! I'm just worried that Rob keeps getting projects and the rest of the cast too so that could be a big problem!

  3. Lmao ! manip(ple)!
    I think Summit will make BD into a movie
    1) the fan base is huge!
    2)The saga is worldwide
    3)Summit makes BIG $cash$ from the movies and fans
    4) They can't leave us (Twihards) with Eclispe.It's a saga!And Summit must finish the saga they begin if they don't , fans will be really dissapointed.

  4. I hope they will make it a two part movie...I think they will have to..there is so much stuff to cover that if they dont it will leave out a lot of details!!! If they screw up that movie I will be upset.

  5. I don't care being in the theater for 3 hours like Titanic hahaha but I agree Anonymous, there's a lot of things in the book that can't be left out! Look at Harry Potter and the fans still there for the movie! I know Twifans won't fail to support this movie!


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