August 24, 2009

Big Bad Wolf: Catherine Hardwicke to take on Re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood

Variety has the following Catherine Hardwicke update:

The "Twilight" helmer is signing on to Appian Way's "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood."

Werewolf movie, written by David Johnson, is a gothic retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story, with a teenage love triangle at its center.

Already sounds good!


  1. I can't wait. I hope she gives it the moody treatment.

  2. My money is on Nikki Reid being cast as Little Red Riding Hood. LOL

  3. OOOOOOH! I always felt the Red riding hood story was dark and disturbed. It's the perfect story to remake. Can't wait.

  4. Big Bad Wolf? Is Catherine doing an autobiography? Oh wait, I have my animals mixed up, I meant Big Bad Cougar.

  5. Okay Catherine you have my attention.... I am intrigued.

    I can't help but think of 'Running Scared.' Its kind of lose, demented portrayal of the 'Little Red Riding Hood' story. Coincidentally enough, Cameron Bright aka (Alec) is in it. Its a trippy, but bad @ss movie.

  6. OMG shortymcnutmeg you are probably right about Nikki. Well then I can wait forever if NR is in it.


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