August 5, 2009

Bella Smiles! JasperCullenFan Posts Images from New Moon Vertical Calendar

Had to add this one, which I saw over a TwiSuperFan - for all you Robsten lovers THIS is what total eye-sex looks like! - Lorabell

Somebody at JasperCullenFan just did us all a huge favor by posting pics from the New Moon vertical calendar. Go to JasperCullenFan to see them all.


  1. ok i just like died when i saw pic #5. my god, why couldn't i just be 2 yrs. older? Then i would be taylor's age and then one day he might actually notice i'm pathetic :(

  2. i second that SQUEEEEEEEE!!

    i love the 6th one down of Bella looking up at Edward! i want!! hell i want it to be November already!!! i like TayTay with long hair...he somehow looks...bigger!? lol and older...its just wrong that he's only 17 ...

  3. I third that squeeee! The images are awesome. There is no way that movie is going to suck!

  4. aww it looks great!!! Looks like they made an awesome movie :) Love the one of Bella and Edward at her party...seems so happy...

  5. Alice and Jasper look shiteous. What happened to the drop dead gorgeous Cullen persona? I heart Ashley, but I think they did her wrong in New Moon. She was way more 'Alice" in Twilight. And Jasper...liked his mystery in Twilight...was easy to overlook the discrepancies of his physical description...But in New Moon, it's just too noticable that he's nothing like what the novel describes him to be.

  6. holy crap.
    i fourth that squeeeeeee!
    wow. those gold contacts kind of creep me out a bit.
    it's hard for my man jackson to look bad but damn...that picture does not do either of them justice.

  7. I *love* that second picture - - it has a real 'story.'
    That seems to be one of those pictures that they say is 'worth a thousand words.'

    But I'll admit, I'm a little 'over' the "Bella in the cafeteria, looking over her shoulder longingly" shot. That's so 'Twilight.' (LOL)

  8. okay. my run down of things would be...

    Picture #1- good, friendly picture.
    Picture #2- very good. definately the scene were Bella confronts Jake about his wolfy buisness.
    Picture #3- Good. Still dont like Jaspers hair, but I can deal. Alice, well, she looks good, but Twilight Alice is more how I pictured her.
    Picture #4-Great, seriously. Bella looks so much better, & I'm willing to bet shes looking back at the empty Cullen table.
    Picture #5- Although I'd like to punch Jacob in the face because he looks like hes taking advantage of Bellas vulnerability, they look good, fit the part... how I pictured it.
    Picture #6- Adorable. Bella looks all cute and playfull, and Edwards got the serious look. I dont know why, but I just love it.
    Picture #7- I'm very glad Summit managed to get a "friendly" picture of Jacob and Bella in there without there being some sexual tension with Jake shirtless. Thank you, they look like good, cute friends, just like they should stay.
    and finally...Picture #8- Edward Cullen. What more do I have to say?

  9. wow, more nm pics to ogle at!!!

    and isn't it nice to have the love of your life that tall and lean and so handsome !!!

    great thing that rob is so handsomely tall that he complements the prettiness of kristen :))

    gorgeous rob as always...sighs...


  10. Alice and Jasper<3333

  11. I hope that alice and jasper pic reinforces they are gng to keep the airport scene! That was one of my fav parts in NM... when alice and jasper just stare into each others eyessss... XD

    And bella looks so cute!! I just want to put her in my pocket hehehe. i know creepy but she looks soo adorable. she seems to be more animated and than in the twilight pics!

  12. Sorry - I think that's the worst pic of Alice EVAH!
    - Lorabell

  13. They all look so different!Did the contact change to a lighter colour or is it just the way the filmed it?? Aww, Bella looks so sad in that pic where she's walking away from Jacob. This movie is gonna be, with out a doubt ---AWESOME!! :)

  14. that Jalice picture is sex. Alice looks amazing and Jasper looks so stunning.

    why there isn't picture of Carlisle, Emmett or Esme?

  15. Okay, continue my picture run down.
    New Picture- AH! love it. Their perfect, just how I pictured them. Straight from the book. mmmm, I cant wait!

  16. love them all- captures the scenes with just the expression on their faces!! Can't wait til November.

  17. The eyes are really bothering me:( They look too weird! I love the make up this time around but not the contacts!!

  18. I really really really want to know why in that picture where bella is smiling edward has a serious face...if only it was novemberrrrrr AHHHHH! lol

  19. Lorabell - that's not eye sex. Eye sex is what Colin Farrell can do. Nothing sexual at all in this picture.

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  21. Twilight is my obsession!!! Robsten and Edwella 4 ever!!! I can't understand why some peopl say that Twilight is crap. They are just jealous


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