August 10, 2009

Ashley's legal battle!

According to Ted C Ashley is suing over some supposed nude photos of her being posted all over the web (I refuse to Google them) - set the Volturi on them, Ashley!

Thanks Ash

- Lorabell


  1. I saw the photos and they do appear to be Ashley. GOOD FOR HER TO SUE!!! I'd be devestated that someone betrayed me in such a way!! And to be on Perez Hilton too! UGH! Why do people do stuff like this?

    I love you Ashley and I hope you win!!

  2. I haven't seen the photos and don't have any desire to. We're behind ya all the way Ash!

  3. aaaaaawwwwww I feel for Ashely. But this should be a lesson to girls out there: NEVER take nude pics, even if a bf is taking them. They will be sure to haunt you.

  4. I agree with all of the above comments! I don't think she is a slut though some people will say that. She wouldn't be sueing if she had posted them right???? I'm behind her 100% even if she doesn't win the battle! Luv ya Ashley!

  5. I feel so sorry for her....How could someone do something like that?!? Huh!!!!!!!

    I heart you Ashley!

  6. The lesson here is, if you don't want nude pictures of yourself posted on the internet, do not take or let anyone else take nude pics of you. They will, more than likely, end up on the internet. Especially if you're a celebrity.

    I do feel sorry for Ashley and the bad decision she made for taking those pics in the first place. Shame on whoever posted them!

  7. It's about time the celebs started to stand up to the paps instead of apologising to fans.
    Good on you Ashley! Don't take this sitting down like so many others have

    We all still love you anyways. So who cares what twat face, Perez Hilton, does to try and bring people down on you :P
    Perez obviously doesn't understand that Twilight fans are loyal to the actors and actresses of the saga and you can post of the nude pics of them you want (Preferably Robward, jus' sayin') and we'll still be behind them 100%

  8. it's a little sick and kinky to take nude photos of yourself :S
    i mean, either she put those photos on web, or someone took it from her...i don't understand why she even took those photos.
    maybe she wants attention, because everything is about rob and kristen.

  9. from the look of the photos.. they seemed to be taken a long time ago..(hence the really long hair) perhaps she didn't think she'd be famous? i mean.. celebs should know that nude pics, will always get leaked! though its her fault for taking them, but those pics were supposedly retrieved illegally.. :(

  10. Me too Lorabell , me too!I don't want to feel like a lesbian.And i hope she wins.She was 17-19 y.o at that age and at that time , she was beginning to model.Gossipcenter reported that the pics were leaked.I doubt the person who took the photo wanted to make money and fast and published them in the Internet.
    GO ASHELY!Team Ash!You have the rights to sue ppl and defend your rights.
    Perez is on mother of fucker who should melt to hell.Right after this comment i , immediatnely will go to Pere'z and leave him a "NAUGHTY" comment.
    I agree with Maddie Allyssa & Shiny Volvo Owner and the rest of the top ^^

  11. well i was thinking it might not be her cause the mole on her neck was on the other side. i saw the pictures on the superficial. i go there everyday. but the fact that she went to her lawyers, well...that just confirmed it. :/

    still love her though

    what's pissing me off in the comments section is people talking about one boob bigger than the other and stuff. i didn't even notice cause i wasn't looking there, i was looking at her face. but it makes me feels good that Good Ole Alice Cullen has one boob bigger than the other.


    its nature people!

  12. Perez Hilton doesn't have the nude pics anymore hehe! he has a pic of Ashely from the "" outfit and beneath tthe pic it says(I paste it btw):

    UPDATE: The nude images have been removed from at the request of Greene's attorneys.

    Go Ash!

  13. I love Ashley, but why is everyone blaming sites like Perez for posting these pictures? Yes, they were meant to remain private and should never have been released, but isn't that why people always say not to take nude photos... because they can be leaked (especially when you're a celebrity). Being a celebrity means being in the spotlight... it means dealing with the pros and cons of living in the private eye. I mean, there was a picture on Perez of Jaime Pressley peeing outside a restaurant, and while that's gross (I mean, it was in the middle of the afternoon... in front of a restaurant... in front of people!) how many of you can say that while you've been out with friends you haven't "popped a squat" to pee when there wasn't a restroom around. It's not fair that these common things are looked down upon... but that's part of the negative side of being in the public eye.

    Ashley confirmed that the pictures are indeed real, and everyone makes mistakes. I think she should most definitely take legal action to get them removed. While Perez may take them down, the pictures will forever be alive... on the internet, from other people saving the picture, etc.

    No one knows when the pictures were taken, or whom they were taken for. The reality is, people (men and women), occasionally do things without really thinking them through. I'm 23, and looking at my own pictures, there are quite a few that I would want to remain private--and not let the world see, and heck, I'm fully clothed in all of them. Anyway, I feel bad for her that these private photos have been released, and I think it's awesome that she confessed about them, rather than deny, deny, deny.

    I don't think this will hurt her career either. Hopefully, between Ashley's pictures and Vanessa Hudgen's... girls will stop taking revealing pictures of themselves.

  14. I think the timing of the pictures being released is a little funny. Same day as the TCA? Hmmm. I can't help but wonder if she or one of her peeps didn't have a hand in this.

  15. This is so wrong! I hope she wins! This should be a lesson definitely! Perez Hilton is a pig for posting those pics! I can't imagine how she's feeling right now!

  16. She's hot. Her left boob is way smaller than her right, but who cares. She's still a hottie. Such a beautiful face.

    Probably shouldn't have dignified the scandal by publishing it as a TwiCrack story though.

  17. All nude images from perez & other sites I believe have been removed at the request of Ashley's attorneys. Good for her, I feel horrible for her and I hope she gets this cleaned up. I'm not saying she isn't at fault, being a part of Twilight makes her part of the public eye, and she should have been more careful with who has access to what. But still, I love her to death and I think she will recover from this. I wish her the best.

    -- And to everyone who thinks this is a an attention thing... um, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but they get just about everyones attention by saying TWILIGHT or ALICE CULLEN or ASHLEY GREENE. So I doubt she would do something like THIS for attention. AND even with the slim chance of her doing it for that reason, she wouldn't have had them removed so quickly. I wasn't slow on it and I couldn't see the pictures because they were removed so quickly.
    /sigh, have a grand day :)

  18. I saw them when I made my daily Perez Hilton scan, Poor her. She is human and we all make mistakes, Shame on whom ever leaked those photos at the height of her career. Good for her to sue everyone who posts them. I still love her, nothing's changed that.

  19. BOYCOTTBOOBYGOOGLEAugust 11, 2009 at 1:49 AM

    poor ashley, im REFUSING TO GOOGLE IT too, i dont know the nature of the photos, if theyre personal then it would be so humiliating.
    if theyre professionally done, prob not as bad.
    i did a bit of modelling and some photogaphers are honestly so good at convincing u to get ur kit off. they'll chip away at u all day. ive done semi nude stuff but i thought it through before agreeing. and it was beautiful not skanky.
    nothing wrong with a booby shoot from the past but if they hacked into her computer, thats f$%^ed.

  20. didn't some other starlet get busted last week? i smell publicity stunt with summit on top

  21. Nooo...not you too Ashley. Jeeze, these stars need to learn not to take naked pictures of themselves if they are attempting to become famous. It sucks they got leaked but hopefully she has learned her lesson.

  22. Perez Hilton is just jealous that no one would EVER want to see naked pictures of him! Its unfortunate that someone betrayed Ashley's trust this way, regardless of the fact that she's a celebrity. No matter what, she's still freaking gorgeous & a great actress with an incredible future ahead of her! And Perez Hilton will always be a lame trashy gossip columnist who needs to get over himself already!

  23. How DARE they! I think it is disgusting, that people will do something like that, but I guess some people will do anything for money, ewww! I really hope, her attourney will chew them up.

    Ashley, I'm sorry for you honey <3

  24. i will support Ash all the way. Those pics looks like they were taken AGES ago and its really disgusting that some people would leak those private photos. I love you Ash, stay strong girl!

  25. it's so sad that those pics leaked and i'm totally feeling for ashley <3 everybody makes mistakes and this doesn't change anything...i still love and admire her :)

    and btw those pics are beautiful! i saw them by accident and for me they are just natural and quite she was trying to find out what she looks like in nude and a mirror wasn't the bad thing in this mess is the fact that someone took those pics and used them to make money!! ashley has nothing to be ashamed at...everyone should have SOME privacy!!

  26. i am so behind ashley. no one even if they want money should put up any nude pics of people (espesh celebs) without their permission. fuck you ANYONE who thinks this is her fault. she's right to sue and i'll be with her no matter if she wins or loses because that's what we twilight fans do. we stick by the cast no matter what.

  27. She might be upset now but when she is 90 she will be able to look back on those pics with pride and say [with considerable justification] - HELL I WAS HOT!!!!

    [As for the big boob/little boob issue - no straight guy has ever given a f*** - their minds aren't configured that way.]


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