August 7, 2009

Ashley Greene on Good Day L.A.

Thanks, Sally from Twilight Fan-zone!


  1. OMG -- this is unrelated ... look at pictures of Michael Oregano (sp? haha) with a girl last night.... I found it on comments to Robsessed!!!!

    I had to type that in so please look at it!!

  2. she's my official girl crush.

  3. That was a bizare interview. I hate unprepared interviewers. Ashley looks beautiful though.

  4. She seems so nice. And YEAH Twilight is way cooler than modeling or anything else for that matter!

  5. @Sheila- was thinking the same as I watched it.

  6. Well it appears that Ashley Greene has joined the I NEED ATTENTION so lets post NUDE PICS OF MYSELF on the internet club - along with Vanessa Hudgens, Lohan, Spears, Hilton and others. In her new nude webcam pics at

    watercooler dot jlaforums dot com

    Its too bad that girls like this feel the need for attention so bad to do these sorts of things. But really - who's complaining after seeing those pics?

    Heh heh heh


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