August 28, 2009

Anna getting all Grad partied up?

That pretty up-doo looks to me like they might be getting ready to shoot the Graduation party scene on the Eclipse set today - that would also make sense of Billy Burke's early Tweet ;)

More pictures of Anna over at TwiFans care of Twilight Gossip

Thanks AshleyTWA

- Lorabell


  1. Haven't had crack(Twicrack to be more specific) for 2 days already and just got home from school.
    'Eclispe' shooting already?Cool!Eeep!Maybe , Grad party.

  2. party of my dreams hehe x

  3. Is it just me or is it weird that her hair in an updo..considering a cap would not work with an updo. I graduated last year and my curls got demolished. lol. But who knows..

  4. Maybe the updo is more for the grad party after the grad scene- I can't see the actually graduation scene being too long.


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