August 11, 2009

And in Land of Dreamers news...

Sam has uploaded three new tracks to his MySpace - go have a listen :)

Canada denied Bobby so no show in Couve-town - fail :(

Here's what Bobby wrote on his MySpace:

was so looking forward to tonight's show but was denied access into the country due to visa problems. i really feel let down and i feel like i have let you down too. the show was sold out. As for the ticket situation were going to re-book and as soon as we know the details ill let you no. your tickets will be valid for that date. all have a safe journey home from the gig.

i really dont no what to say except sorry.

thanks for all your support.

love bobby x
And nothing new to report from Marcus but here's a link to his MySpace anyway - go check out "I Don't Mind" and "Tumble Down" :)

- Lorabell

P.s. Check out Eyes of Amber's feature kicking off her Land of Dreamers specials!


  1. Does anyone else hope or think these songs would work well on the New Moon soundrack?

  2. I do anony@ 7:00. I think these guys songs are really good especially Bobby Longs I listen to him all the time on my i-pod.

  3. I had no idea Bobby was gonna be stinkin' dreamy!!! I would gladly trade my Pocket Edward in for a Pocket Bobby, too bad they don't sell those at Toys R' Us yet.

    Anyways I can definitely hear his voice on the soundtrack, but I might pick different songs.

  4. Bobby Long's music is soulful and really emotional. His music is definately bittersweet sounding. My favorite songs of his are 'two tone lover', and 'Left to Lie'. He has this unbelievable voice. Oh and he's kinda hot ;)

  5. I definately wouldn't object if he were on the soundtrack, lots of great musicians already, why not add another one?


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