August 20, 2009

1 Barn + 2 Vamps + A Flashback: Langley Set Stalking Spoilers

Twilight Examiner gives the run-down on what was going on in Langley last night on the set of Eclipse, and shares links to tons o' barn pics taken last night.

And just what where they filming? RobPattzNews dished:
Eclipse set update: It's a wrap. A barn, two vamps (not confirmed which ones) hear flashback scene. Pics and videos later.
Which Vamps?? Read more at Twilight Examiner.

You can also read Malicious Mandy's Langley report here and see her videos here. Mandy blogs:
Lights, Cameras, Trucks, Trailors, Security, Police, Equipment and before too long... girls..... lot's and lot's of girls!!! Yes there were paparazzi there though they mostly kept to their computers in their cars.


  1. can't wait.... -sofija

  2. You could have told me they were in a port-a-potty and I'd still be excited!

  3. This comment is totally off subject, I love your site though, and also have a Blogger blog. Can you please tell me how your blog has two colums for adding stuff? I have the usual one. I love the look of your site and how much info you can post with a column on each side of your posts. I'd be eternally grateful for your help. Thanks!

    A fellow Twi-hard!

  4. its when they r talking about Alice and her flashback i think.....idk the last time i read eclipse was like 5 months ago :( but thats what i think it might be


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