July 19, 2009

It's Official! Xavier Samuel Talks About Riley Role & Audition Process to Hot 30

So exciting! :-) [via the lovely Cullen Boys Anonymous!]

Also, you can learn more about 25-year old Aussie from the Daily Telegraph:
Samuel is still getting his head around the Twilight phenomenon.

"I managed to catch the film on the way over on the plane," he said. He admitted he's not read any of the best-selling books of the series - yet.

"I'm going to start reading the first one tonight."


  1. WOW!! such a phenomenal opportunity for this kid!! and all those that have landed roles in the movies!! He may be able to walk down the street by himself now, but just wait!! Might get a bit scary when he gets stalked!!

  2. He's not cute enough for me.

  3. Obviously they're going along with the Twilight tradition of casting unknowns, or reletively unknowns. I'm glad they didn't cast Channing Tatum, Xavier is probably closer to how I imagined Riley. Love the Aussie accent btw, though.

  4. What does that guy mean Kristen is too dirty for him? It sounds very negative, he has some nerve! What does the new guy mean by setting him up with Kristen? I don't find this stuff funny at all!

  5. GOROB,
    I took offense to that too, wtf does Kristen is 'too dirty' for him mean---beats me. It obviously is negative.


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