July 15, 2009

When Darwin Awards & Twilight Collide: Do Not Try This At Home - Or Ever

There are a lot of things that the Twilight Saga has inspired me to do -- reminisce about my youth, eat mushroom ravioli as a secret tribute to Bella, start a blog, etc. However, summoning Edward Cullen by risking my life isn't one of those things.

Have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? Well, a TwiTard (Thanks, Juju!) devoted Twilight fan decided to take the plunge and attempt a Bella-inspired cliff dive:
The Coast Guard had to be called in Tuesday to rescue a 22-year-old man who got stuck on Little James Island near La Push.

Officials with the Quileute Indian nation say the person was a tourist from Georgia who went to the island to scope out a site where Twilight's main character Bella and the Quileute wolves go cliff diving in the second book, "New Moon."

He ended up stuck on a 150-foot tall cliff.
As my grandma would say, EI-YAHHH!

See story source, image from fanpop.

p.s. Mr. Cliffdiver, I'm just joking about the Darwin Awards. Glad that you are safe!


  1. OMG
    I think he deserves a Twitard award!

  2. Is this a real New Moon poster? Just curious. Either way, I love it! :-)

  3. And by "real", I mean one of the official movie posters. Thanks!

  4. Hi Anonymous! The poster is a fan manip. The image of KSTew is from that Entertainment Weekly photoshoot awhile back, where Robert is carrying KStew in the rain.

  5. repeat after me: It is just a book!
    **do not try at home!

    ay, thank goodness he's ok, but let's hope he doesn't attempt any more foolish acts. At 22yrs old this is beyond dumb.

  6. Are there drugs or alcohol involved in this stupidness?! Come on people, get a grip!!!

  7. First off I'm surprised it's a guy that was trying to conjur up Edward, lol! Second, This gives Twihards/Twilighters a bad name, it shames us all, why are people so stupid?!

  8. You're waaaay too nice, TwiCrack! Dar-win! Dar-win! Dar-win! C'mon people - the planet's overpopulated and... well, not everyone's a keeper...


  9. How the rest of the story should go...

    The young man passed out on the cliff and gained consciousness at the hospital. The first thing he said to a nearby male nurse was "Dr. Cullen, is that you?". LOL

  10. This cracks me up!! Glad he's ok, but boy bet he feels stupid*** or at least he should!!
    Randomly G-licious- too funny, luv your version of the story!!LOL

  11. Hmm, I thought New Moon was filmed entirely in Canada. Didn't they film the cliff scene at Long Beach on Vancouver Island (South Wickininnish or Incinerator Rock), and the underwater stuff in the pool?

  12. That guy is one OCD : OneCrazyDumb-ass!What was guy trying to do?Was he trying to suicide himself?Or get attetion?

    Randomly G-licious LMAO!Good one!I will try that one on my doctor , on my next visit =)

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    Blood is an obvious euphemism for other bodily fluids (namely semen), and the nature in which it is extracted, well, i dont even need to bother explaining the inuendo in that to you, do i.

    Now go forth and idolise your ancient homosexual groups, read their books and talk about the meaningless scripts, plots and themes, that are nothing more than a conveyence for Christian ideals, particularly abstinence.

    That's actually quite ironic that Christians are using homosexual idols to push their fascist views on our planet.


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