July 10, 2009

We Love Charlie Swan: Billy Burke @ Atlanta Twilight Convention Today

kiffsandgiggles got lots of pics of Billy Burke's appearance at today's Atlanta TwiTour Convention, where Billy talked about his tattoo of his daughter's names and revealed that his favorite movie of all time is the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory among other things.

See more pics at kiffsandgiggles! BTW, for those of you who haven't been following my blog for that long, kiffsandgiggles was the TwiCrack reader who submitted this funny story to me awhile back:

OMG, Edward's a Vampire??

My mother (who I had finally dragged to the theater after I had seen Twilight 5 times) was like the one girl that gasped, "He's a vampire!" midway through the movie... But then she had an epiphany.. She whispered to me "OH, his dad is a VAMPIRE too... but wait, why the heck doesn't anyone ask why this crazy guy is runnin around a hospital with lipstick on... whatta weird guy!" That is pretty much all she said about the movie... and she is still confused on how Dr. Cullen was a vampire and a doctor... LOL


  1. Billy Burke kinda looks like Jordan Knight (NKOTB) in the pic above.

    Hi-larious story Kiffsandgiggles! LOL! I think your dear mother might have been the only one on the planet that didn't know they were vamprires...so cute!

    My sister popped the Twilight on DVD in while my mom wasn't planning on watching it and was just in the same room, ironing. But then got really into the story. And was asking like a million questions! LOL!

  2. omg, thparkle, you're right! heheheh he does look like Jordan K.

  3. Thank you so much Twi for posting this... I have some awesome pictures of Peter as well, but we have to run and get their autos now... Peter's wife called while he was on stage and he tried to get her to tell him that she loved him and she didn't hear him and was like... "uhhhh okkk bye!" It was funny and he has such a great smile, I can't wait to see those pics and share them with you guys if that is ok... :)

  4. When I was watching Twilight with a friend who had NOT read the books and had NO IDEA what it all was about - omigosh she drove me bananas.
    After the first 15 minutes or so she started firing questions at me and wouldn't stop. We were sushed from all directions all the time.
    Afterwards she said: "This Edward guy... that was a really bad actor. When they first met in the biology class and he was staring at her - that didn't look the tiniest bit like he was falling in love with her!" - Oh, really? I had loooot to explain...


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